Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three Things Thursday

- one -

Prom talk is still going on in our house. Y'all I am trying to be patient, and 
understanding, and I'm digging deep to try to remember that this night is
a big deal to a high schooler.

But all this hoopla is taking place and not one single boy has even asked a girl yet!
There is talk about who is going to ask who, but as of right now, no one has
officially been asked. But despite this, girls are buying dresses like the big event
is taking place next week.

Prom is in the middle of March! Why is everyone running around like crazy
people when the event is literally 9 weeks away?!? 

BUT no. We are buying dresses (without official dates), booking appointments
to have pictures taken, making reservations for dinner at some fancy Italian
restaurant that I've never heard of, and making plans to go watch the guys have
their tux fittings. Ummmm. What?

When I was in high school, the tux fitting was something that the boy did with
his mom. Times have surely changed. I mean times are not even recognizable

And do you have any idea what Prom dresses look like these days? And how 
expensive they are?!?

Here are a few examples....

Miss S loves this one. Just has a price tag of $749!!!

Yes, $749!

That would be a big N - O !

One of her friends has already bought this one...

And this girl just happens to be in Miss S's grade. Don't 16 year olds look SO 
grown up these days?

Please someone tell me that I am not being unreasonable for being completely
overwhelmed by all of this.

$749 for a Prom dress????

Plus money for pictures, plus dinner, plus the Prom ticket costs $65.

Thank GOODNESS they scrapped the idea of renting a limo and decided to
drive in cars. 

Ok, ok..... enough...moving on...

Images takes from Bella's Bridal and Formal Instagram. See more here.

- two -

If I wasn't already spinning about the pre-breakfast Prom talk this morning,
a fly flew into my coffee this morning.

Yes. A FLY.

It flew in, floated around, then flew up to sit on the edge of my cup.

So gross.

Is this real life?

I'm considering going back to bed and hiding from the rest of the day, lol!

- three -

And on a happier note, thankfully...

I have found a recipe I want to try for iced coffee. This makes me pretty happy.

Up until today, the typical iced coffee recipes that I found looked a little more
involved than what I wanted to commit to. They all call for using cheesecloth,
whatever that is!

This is The Pioneer Woman's recipe for iced coffee. Now you know I absolutely
adore her, and would totally pack up and go to Oklahoma if I had the chance to
spend a few days with her, but her recipe is more involved than what I want.

Today, I found this recipe for iced coffee. It uses instant coffee and does not call
for cheesecloth, so I think I can handle this one.

Finally, a silver lining to my crazy start to this Thursday. And I am thankful
that I didn't drink the fly!

What's happening in your world today?

Any tips for handling Prom hoopla?


  1. You can hide all you want until this evening. Then I expect you to be at the gym bright eyed and bushy tailed. BTW, no you are NOT being unreasonable about a $749 dress!!!! That is crazy! My wedding gown cost that much, granted it was on a huge discontinued sale at the time (cough, cough 1990 cough, cough) My mom almost had a heart attack when my senior prom dress was $350 (1984.) But, I guess that would probably be the equivalent of $750 now. Oh my poor mom - what I put her through. Amy was pretty easy to please - her last prom dress was around $200 (I nearly had a stroke.) Her first prom dress cost me $20! It didn't even need alterations. It fit her like a glove and the color was gorgeous on her. If you look at my FB pictures you can see it. The $20 dress was purple and the $200 dress was a gorgeous black at the top the ombre'd to blue toward the bottom. So pretty.

    1. I will work on the bright eyes and bushy tail, lol. Apparently Prom is going to cause me to take LOTS of deep breaths and moments where I count to 10 s l o w l y ...


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