Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Steps and Old Eats

I mentioned in Monday's post that my goal for the week was to make it to at least
7,000 steps most days, and to hit 10,000 steps at least once during the week this week.
I did much better on my steps yesterday! I walked 9,300 steps, or 4 miles, during
the day yesterday. I'm feeling pretty proud of that number. Maybe I will make it
to 10,000 steps soon too.

On Monday, I was flipping through one of my old cookbooks I rediscovered a favorite
recipe that I used to make at least once a month. Once Pinterest arrived I pretty much
stashed away the cookbooks and started getting recipes online. It is just so easy 
to do a quick Pinterest search and voila, 100's of recipes appear before your eyes.

Since this one was one of our favorites, I wanted to share it with you today, and
also get it back to the front and center of my mind so we can enjoy an old favorite
once again.

After work today, I'm hoping to bring out my Valentine decor. I think that I've
procrastinated enough and now it is high time to tackle the task. After all, we are
just days away from February 1st. Can you believe it?

Last week, I shared some Valentine inspiration for your mantel, so today I want
to share just a few more Valentine inspired ideas, just to get my motivation flowing.

I love the cute tassel and the pops of pink and red on this mantel...


I love the centerpiece on this dining room table. I have a small tray that is
similar to this one, so maybe I can create something similar to this...


And there is so much more inspiration out there. Seriously, on instagram, just search #ihearthomedecor and over 1,000 photos of Valentine decor will show up. It's almost
overwhelming. I think I need to stop looking and start doing!

What are your plans for today?

Are you decorating for Valentine's Day?

Do you have an old favorite recipe that you almost forgot about?

Happy Wednesday!

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