Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Pretty Quiet Day

Well, Monday turned out to be a pretty quiet day. I had planned on heading out
to run a few errands, but I just couldn't do it. I showered and dressed, but when 
I checked my list of things we needed from the store, I decided that it could wait
one more day. Leaving home is SO overrated.

This is my motto most of the time!

While I was hibernating, escaping the outside world, enjoying a day at home, I
spent a few minutes browsing Pinterest for Super Bowl Party ideas. Occassionally
Hubby will get a wild hair and invite people over to watch football games, so I thought
I would toss some ideas around in advance, just in case.  Last year, Miss S and I missed 
the Super Bowl because we BOTH had the flu. NOT a fun time, and NOT anything 
I ever want to repeat! Anyway, here are a few fun Football Party ideas from Pinterest.

Cute & Fun Super Bowl Party Decor Ideas:

And if you are feeling extra crafty, why not make this Football Themed Wreath.

Also yesterday, in one of my favorite blogs, Shay was sharing the books that she
read this month.

In her January Book Review, she raved about how much she loved this book.

It comes to theaters February 5 and she can hardly wait. I was excited to find a new book 
to read and even considered heading to the library to check it out, but then I caught
the movie trailer on T.V. After seeing the trailer, I'm not sure whether I would like the
book or not.

I do want something to read to keep my mind OFF prom, and OFF the drama that
comes with the teenage years, but I'm not sure this is the book for me.

Have any of you read it?

From the movie trailer it seems pretty deep, and even pretty sad. Sadness is something
that I prefer to avoid, so I certainly don't want to invite it into my life!

I'm thinking a book about a girl relaxing on a beach, and maybe falling in love with
a handsome southern gentleman is more what I'm looking for! ;)

Well, I suppose I do need to face reality today and get some things done.

How's your week going?

What books are you reading and loving lately?

Are you making any plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

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