Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Much Better Day

Thankfully yesterday was a better day!

I headed to Target for a little "me time" in one of my most favorite stores. It was 
nice to go in without a list of things to buy. I just walked around and browsed. I did 
find these cute gym pants. We have to wear an icky blue colored shirt while we are 
working at the gym, so I thought these cute capri  leggings might make the blue shirt 
a little cuter. 

And what's a trip to Target without popping into Starbucks. I mean they put it right
there in the store for you so it would be a shame not to take advantage of the convenience.
The other Starbucks stores have been out of the red holiday cups for weeks, so I was so
happy to get a red cup! I don't know why but the red cups are just happier than the plain 
white ones. I personally think Starbucks should have a special colored cup for all seasons!
Their fall cup has fall colored leaves on is, the Christmas cup is red, but right now the cups
are plain white. Boo. Step it up Starbucks. Lord knows we are paying you enough for that
darn drink!

My final stop during my "me time" was to another favorite store... Hobby Lobby!
Again, I didn't go in looking for anything specific, but when I saw this I stopped in
my tracks. I don't know why, but I love it! I debated on getting it, because I didn't 
truly need it, but I really liked it! I figured I would bring it home and then figure 
out where to put it later! It was on sale after all. Clearly that was a sign that it was
meant to be. :)

And after a long, stressful game last night, THIS finally happened...

That makes the 16th National Championship for Alabama! Pretty happy about that!

I chose to overlook the fact that my one and only child was walking around our
house during the game in an AUBURN sweatshirt!

My oh my she is a mess! I suppose before I know it, I will be walking around in
an AU Mom sweatshirt.

Life is just crazy like that...

How was your Monday?

What stores do you like to escape to for "me time?"

1 comment :

  1. I always knew Ms. S was exceptionally brilliant! :) Get those sweatshirts ready.


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