Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Little Valentine Inspiration

Every year I like to decorate for Valentine's Day. Nothing like I do for fall or for 
Christmas, but I still like to decorate a bit. Typically I do something on the mantel in 
the family room, put a heart wreath on the front door, and put a little something on 
the dining room table.

This was our Valentine Mantel last year.

And this was our dining room last year with a few touches of Valentine decor.

I love Valentine's Day, but haven't felt inspired to decorate quite yet this year.
In an attempt to get motivated to add some Valentine touches to our home, I 
wanted to share a few cute ideas I've spotted from around the web.







Gosh, aren't there some creative ladies out there! 

Are you feeling inspired to bring out your Valentine decor?

I think my inspiration level went up a bit, but I'm still waiting on my
energy level to take the hint!

I'll post pics when I get there. :)


  1. Love the first one and you already have the heart garland!I see little pieces in each one I would like to do, but my tv hangs over my mantel and the boxes sit on the mantel so I don't have much decorating room. There is only about 5-6" between the mantel and my tv and that is exactly where the sound bar is....

    1. Maybe you can decorate a tabletop, countertop, or shelf nearby?


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