Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Today is going to be a special edition of Friday Favorites. Since it's the last Friday 
in January, I want to do a January Favorites edition where I share things that I've 
been loving, buying, and doing this month.

Things I'm loving from January...

My team became National Champions for the 16th time on January 11th.

I had lunch at Macaroni Grill for the very first time on January 13th.

My favorite little guy celebrated his 10th birthday on January 21st.

We found and bought a prom dress for Miss S's Junior Prom. We are going to have 
the alterations done this Saturday. The dress needs to be hemmed, and the shoulder 
straps need to be taken up. Apparently prom dresses are not made for girls that 
are only 5'1". ;)

(Her dress is Navy/Floral, and pictures will be shared AFTER her prom in March)

Things I'm buying this month...


We have always loved Cheez Its, but these are out of this world. I think
we have tried almost every flavor of Cheez It made, but these are hands down
what we are buying on repeat this month. These are just SO good!

I am also buying and loving these two flavors of Greek yogurt this month.

Click here for a coupon

I have been loving this Chocolate flavor so much, but for some reason the Chocolate
is not listed on the website anymore. Please someone tell me this is a mistake. Please 
tell me that Dannon hasn't stopped making the Chocolate flavor.

This would be a perfect time to use a popular quote from teenagers.... "I hate my life!"
Oh my goodness, I hear that quote so much. ALL of Miss S's friends say it on
a regular basis. They are so funny!

This week I did find a new kind of Greek yogurt to try, and I really like it.

I have been buying the Yoplait Whips Greek Yogurt for months, but this
Greek Mousse yogurt from Dannon is so much better!

It maintains its "mousse" texture through the last bite! I had noticed that the 
Yoplait Whips version seems to melt by the last few bites, but the Dannon doesn't.
Also, the Dannon Mousse Greek yogurt has 20 less calories.

Movies I've been loving and watching this month...

And last, but not least...

My favorite fitness post from January...

You can read the entire post and see video demonstrations of each exercise here.

Well, that's what I've been up to for January! Can you believe that Sunday is the last day
of the month. Looks like 2016 is going to fly by. 

I will see you back here on Monday.......February 1st!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Fitbit Flaw + Three Things Thursday

- one -

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news first?

Okay, let's start with the good news.

I walked 9,300 steps yesterday according to my fitbit charge HR. That's the good
news, the bad news is that the number of steps is most likely not completely 

My mom shared with me that she had noticed that if you were not swinging your 
arms, then according to fitbit, you weren't walking. If you walk 5 miles, yet don't 
swing your arms for each step, the fitbit does not record the steps.

I have discovered that I walk lots of steps during the day without swinging my 
arms. If I am carrying something in my hands, while walking, fitbit says I am 
not moving. At the same time, I can sit be sitting on the couch and start moving 
my arms and fitbit thinks I am walking.

Yesterday, I checked the number of steps, and then made my way down and back on 
the gym floor checking on members, and fitbit never moved. Clearly I was walking, 
but I wasn't full out swinging my arms, so no steps. I would literally look insane 
swinging my arms while walking around on the gym floor with members. No wonder 
my fitbit has yet to see 10,000 steps in a day. Apparently I walk too gingerly. 
I've got to learn to flail my arms when I walk!

Ugh, fitbit. Not happy that $150 of my Christmas was spent on you when you only 
work when you feel like it. Ugh. 

- two -

I have an appointment to get my hair trimmed this morning, and my salon
just happens to be across the street from a Target! If you know me, you know that I
never blow dry my hair. I mean never. Life is too short to spend 45 minutes blow 
drying hair. But, today I get to go to my happy place with freshly blow dried and 
professionally styled hair. Pretty sure I will be walking around feeling like this...

- three -

They are putting together a bulletin board at our gym with all the personal
trainer's pictures on it. They also want to include a short, motivational quote
with each of our pictures, so I have been thinking about what quote I want to
use next to my picture. As of right now, I am considering these...

I'm not sure which quote to choose. I really like all of them, plus I feel like 
there are plenty more that I am just not thinking of right now. I know that I am 
taking this way more serious than is necessary, but apparently overthinking
things while walking without swinging my arms is just what I do!

Have you heard anyone complaining about their fitbit?

Any tips for making it work without flapping and flailing while you walk?

Do you have a favorite motivational quote?

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Steps and Old Eats

I mentioned in Monday's post that my goal for the week was to make it to at least
7,000 steps most days, and to hit 10,000 steps at least once during the week this week.
I did much better on my steps yesterday! I walked 9,300 steps, or 4 miles, during
the day yesterday. I'm feeling pretty proud of that number. Maybe I will make it
to 10,000 steps soon too.

On Monday, I was flipping through one of my old cookbooks I rediscovered a favorite
recipe that I used to make at least once a month. Once Pinterest arrived I pretty much
stashed away the cookbooks and started getting recipes online. It is just so easy 
to do a quick Pinterest search and voila, 100's of recipes appear before your eyes.

Since this one was one of our favorites, I wanted to share it with you today, and
also get it back to the front and center of my mind so we can enjoy an old favorite
once again.

After work today, I'm hoping to bring out my Valentine decor. I think that I've
procrastinated enough and now it is high time to tackle the task. After all, we are
just days away from February 1st. Can you believe it?

Last week, I shared some Valentine inspiration for your mantel, so today I want
to share just a few more Valentine inspired ideas, just to get my motivation flowing.

I love the cute tassel and the pops of pink and red on this mantel...


I love the centerpiece on this dining room table. I have a small tray that is
similar to this one, so maybe I can create something similar to this...


And there is so much more inspiration out there. Seriously, on instagram, just search #ihearthomedecor and over 1,000 photos of Valentine decor will show up. It's almost
overwhelming. I think I need to stop looking and start doing!

What are your plans for today?

Are you decorating for Valentine's Day?

Do you have an old favorite recipe that you almost forgot about?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Pretty Quiet Day

Well, Monday turned out to be a pretty quiet day. I had planned on heading out
to run a few errands, but I just couldn't do it. I showered and dressed, but when 
I checked my list of things we needed from the store, I decided that it could wait
one more day. Leaving home is SO overrated.

This is my motto most of the time!

While I was hibernating, escaping the outside world, enjoying a day at home, I
spent a few minutes browsing Pinterest for Super Bowl Party ideas. Occassionally
Hubby will get a wild hair and invite people over to watch football games, so I thought
I would toss some ideas around in advance, just in case.  Last year, Miss S and I missed 
the Super Bowl because we BOTH had the flu. NOT a fun time, and NOT anything 
I ever want to repeat! Anyway, here are a few fun Football Party ideas from Pinterest.

Cute & Fun Super Bowl Party Decor Ideas:

And if you are feeling extra crafty, why not make this Football Themed Wreath.

Also yesterday, in one of my favorite blogs, Shay was sharing the books that she
read this month.

In her January Book Review, she raved about how much she loved this book.

It comes to theaters February 5 and she can hardly wait. I was excited to find a new book 
to read and even considered heading to the library to check it out, but then I caught
the movie trailer on T.V. After seeing the trailer, I'm not sure whether I would like the
book or not.

I do want something to read to keep my mind OFF prom, and OFF the drama that
comes with the teenage years, but I'm not sure this is the book for me.

Have any of you read it?

From the movie trailer it seems pretty deep, and even pretty sad. Sadness is something
that I prefer to avoid, so I certainly don't want to invite it into my life!

I'm thinking a book about a girl relaxing on a beach, and maybe falling in love with
a handsome southern gentleman is more what I'm looking for! ;)

Well, I suppose I do need to face reality today and get some things done.

How's your week going?

What books are you reading and loving lately?

Are you making any plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekends and New Goals

Hello again and welcome to a brand new week. Hopefully a week that will not include
one single mention of any possibility of snow!

I mentioned on Friday that snow was in our forecast, and that I was less than thrilled
about it. I spent most of Friday watching the weather like it was my job, and pacing 
through the house looking out all the windows for any possible sign of snow.

 This is what the weather was saying about the snow and temperatures, so I shouldn't
have been such a nervous wreck about it, but the memory of being trapped and it taking
9 hours to get home during the Snowpocalypse two years ago was still very fresh in my 
mind. I was terrified of having Miss S trapped and unable to drive home.

Thankfully the snow held off until around 2:15 and was not sticking at all. I
continued my pacing and panicking until she was home and safely in the house.
Finally I could breathe again! She was home and she was safe!

Once I was sure my baby was okay, I stepped outside to take a couple of videos of
our wet, slushy snow.

This video was taken about 3:30 Friday afternoon,

and this one was taken about 5 minutes later.

Shelley decided to check out the snow from inside the house. Smart kitty! It was so very
cold out there!

Friday evening, our friends from North Alabama made it here and Miss S also
had a friend over. We ordered pizza and had a great time laughing and catching up.

Saturday, I met with a new personal training client, and then completed my own quick
workout once we were done. After the gym, I headed to one of my favorite local stores
to pick up a couple of new tops to wear to church. I was feeling bored with the things 
in my closet, so I wanted something new to freshen up my look. It's hard to shop for 
winter clothes right now because stores already have spring clothes out. Geez, can we 
stop rushing through the seasons?! As if finding cute things while shopping needed to 
be more difficult! I can find things I like for our house all day long, but finding cute
clothes is a little more challenging.

My weekend also included....


can you guess?

If you guessed a Hallmark movie from my DVR, then you guessed right!

And... I just may have watched it twice! :)

Sunday was a pretty typical Sunday for us. Church, a nap, and homework for Miss S.

I want to share a few plans for my week before I go.

I got a fitbit charge HR for Christmas and I have yet to get that little sucker to
10,000 steps. This is the week that I want to change that!

Goals for this week:

*  Get 10,000 steps at least once this week!  ( 5 miles )

*  Get at least 7,000 steps most days this week.  ( 3.5 miles )

*  Complete video and study guide for 5 personal training CEU's

I ordered study materials for my PT Continuing Ed credits that must be completed 
by May, so I need to get to work on that this week.

I think that about covers everything...

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's Back!

Just as I was happily saying that we had almost made it through January without
any mention of the S word...... (SNOW)...... I find out that I spoke too soon.

Yep, it's back. All the talk, all the worry, all the anxiety.

Meteorologists don't really knows for sure, but it looks like we may see some
snow flurries later in the day today.

You can guarantee that as soon as I spot ONE SINGLE teeny tiny flurry, that I
will be heading to the school to get Miss S. I want to do everything that I can to
be sure that my family is home and safe if any snow or ice even come close!

A friend posted this on facebook last night and it made me laugh. The girl in the 
flip flops and shorts is clearly NOT dressed for the occasion, but at least her friend 
has milk and bread, lol! And please, no snow on the roads! 

People in Alabama just are not equipped for snow and ice, so I am certainly hoping
that everyone gets home safely and stays home until this "winter weather" passes.

At least we will get to enjoy having Miss S at home with us tonight. We told her not 
to make any plans to leave home in this weather tonight. Plus we are having company 
from out of town with us tonight, so she will be here with us to visit with them.

I need to finish up my "to do" list that I started yesterday, so I better get moving.

Have a great weekend, and stay safe and warm!

I'll see you Monday!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Birthday + Three Things Thursday

Hello again, and welcome to...

- one -

Today is my little man's birthday!

Rusty is 10 years old today!

This picture is what he does any time I take a bath. He lays as close to the tub as possible 
without getting wet. He is definitely not a fan of water, but he does love his mommy.

In honor of his special day, he will be getting extra kisses and snuggles, along with 
Dentastix treat or two.

- two -

During my weekly Walmart trip yesterday, I spotted two things that put a smile on my face.

The first was this adorable little doggie shirt. It would have been so precious on Rusty!

I was afraid that he wouldn't like the hood on the shirt, so I didn't buy it, but it sure is 
super cute!

This also put a smile on my face, but for a very different reason.

Pitbull apparently makes body spray for men and women. Sorry Pitbull, but for some 
reason, that made me lol. I just keep wondering who would actually buy Pitbull body spray!

- three -

I finally found the quick dry top coat that I was looking for.

I stopped in Sally Beauty Supply, and they have it. I will be painting my
nails this weekend to see if it truly is as wonderful as people say it is.

Well, I better wrap this up! We've got more out of town company coming in town
tomorrow and cleaning house is definitely a two day job for me these days.
I need to make a list of things that need to be done and get to it!

Happy Thursday!

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