Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Recap...Target, Makeup, and Movies

Usually since I don't work on Fridays, I bum around at home, clean up a bit, 
or get caught up on things that we fell behind on during the week. But lately I've 
been watching beauty videos on You Tube by people like Jaclyn Hill, ciaoobelllaxo
and Makeup By TiffanyD, so I wanted to play around with my normal makeup 

Hubby's Christmas party is in a couple of weeks, so I need to perfect my makeup
game. I piddled around with the products I had, and tried my hand at highlighting 
and contouring.

My look still needs a little perfecting, but not too bad for a trial run...

After I was dressed and had makeup on, I decided I would go to Target and look
around. Every day is a good day to go to Target! Plus they have a Starbucks right
inside. Win! Win!

After I got my Chestnut Praline Latte, I found a few clothing cuties that I wanted to 
try on. What girl doesn't like to play dress up from time to time?!

After I tried everything on, and didn't find one single thing I liked, this was my,
"why did you let me down Target face..."

I put the unflattering clothing back, and continued browsing. I found a book that I 
thought Miss S would love. 

Not because it's a "Self Help" book, but because it's a book by Miranda Sings.
Miranda Sings is a huge hit with Miss S and her friends right now. They love
watching her videos on YouTube! I've never really understood the craze, but she 
has over 5 million subscribers, so apparently she is quite a big deal.

I made my way to the makeup section and found this Wonder Stick by
NYX. After a quick text to Miss S, she confirmed that YES, this is what
I should buy. What would I do without her? She knows so much about 
makeup and fashion! I don't know how her brain holds it all! :)

After Target, and the grocery store, it was time to head home and relax for a
little while before the family was home and ready for dinner.

I plopped on the couch with a cozy, furry blanket, and two puppy loves, 
and started up the DVR with a Hallmark Christmas movie!

(Miss S knows makeup and fashion, I know Hallmark Channel movies! ha!)

Hubby came in about 1/2 way through this one and actually watched with me!

After dinner, we all sat down together and watched the CMA Country Christmas
from the DVR. It came on T.V on Thursday night I believe.

My favorites, the Pentatonix sang twice and were amazing!! They are so, so good.
And Martina McBride sang a duet with Michael W. Smith that was absolutely
beautiful. Hubby said her dress looked like curtains, but I could care less because
she is beautiful and will always be one of my favorite female singers.


While Miss S and I slept in, Hubby was hunting. He got his first deer of the
season Saturday morning which made him a happy hunter!

Saturday afternoon we watched the SEC Championship game.

We were happy that our team came out on top!

After the game, Miss S headed out to meet friends to see Mocking Jay at the movie
theatre, Hubby found another football game on T.V, and I headed to the bedroom to 
watch another Hallmark movie.

By the time I got the movie ready to play, I turned around to curl up in the bed
and this is what I found.

My fur babies wanted to watch these cuties in a Christmas movie too!

We watched Just in Time For Christmas.

It was so good that I actually watched it again on Sunday afternoon! I couldn't help myself!

Sunday night, while Hubby was watching more football, I turned to the DVR once again 
and watched this cute couple...

The movie was Once Upon a Holiday, and it was another winner in my book.

I guess that about wraps up our weekend. Lots of cozy, relaxing time at home for
me, hunting and football success for Hubby, and the usual blend of friends and
homework for Miss S.

I'll take a million more weekends just like it!

How was your weekend?

It's Monday, so I'm linking up to MiMM..

Come back tomorrow to see our Christmas decorations, and on Wednesday for
some fun ideas for the ladies on your Christmas list... and all for under $25!

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