Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Before Christmas Recap + A Birthday

Happy week of Christmas! You have 4 more shopping days before the big 
day. But, before you run out the door to finish shopping, let's quickly recap 
the weekend.


Thursday night was Hubby's company Christmas party.

For the past several years, the party has been held at Bright Star Restaurant in
downtown Bessemer.

As guests arrived appetizers were brought out. All the crab claws, jumbo
shrimp, and fried mushrooms that you could eat.

When it's time to order, I usually order the salmon with a sweet potato, and 
Hubby orders the filet.

They bring out fresh bread with the salads, and that bread is fabulous. I could
almost make a meal out of the bread and appetizers alone!


We had our annual Christmas lunch in Prattville with Hubby's dad and 
stepmom. Once we got back home, I almost backed out of going to the church
choir final rehearsal for the Christmas musical and Choir Christmas party Friday
evening with Hubby. I was tired and just wanted to stay home, but I am really 
happy that I toughed up and decided to go with him. We actually had a lot of fun.
The choir rehearsal sounded excellent, and then the party afterwards was full of
conversation and catching up. I'm glad I went with him!

(Sorry no pics for today. It was cold and WINDY!!)


Saturday was mine and Hubby's 23 year wedding anniversary!

Unfortunately Hubby wasn't feeling well so he spent most of the day napping
on the couch.

I got in a good workout and enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath, and then tried out
my new perfume that Hubby got me for our anniversary.

It smells delicious, and Miss S has already asked to borrow it! ;)

Hubby also got me this foot massager. It is perfect for relaxing tired feet at
the end of a long day.


Sunday was a big day for Hubby. His choir performed their Christmas musical 
as the Sunday morning church service.

They did a phenomenal job!!! I was so proud of him and the choir.

We had our whole family at church too which always makes for a great day.

After the choir performed their Christmas musical, we headed to one of our 
favorite restaurants for lunch.

Hubby and Miss S...

My mom and Miss S...

Everyone was talking and visiting and somehow Dad and I didn't end up in any
of the pictures! Boo. We will have to do better next time!


Today is a super special day! Today this baby boy is celebrating his birthday!

Drake is 9 years old today!

Happy Birthday buddy boy. Miss S and I will have to pick up a special
new toy, and maybe a new box of treats for you today.

How was your weekend?

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

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