Thursday, December 3, 2015

Not 3, But 5 Things Thursday!

Brrr. The weather here is actually feeling more like December lately.
The high temperature is only going to be 53 degrees today. Right about now, 
my mom is probably wearing layers and contemplating moving somewhere 
warm! She is 100% a summer time girl! Sending warm thoughts, lots of
love, and hugs to you today Mom. Stay warm!

We have made it to Thursday friends, so it's time for...

Three Things Thursday

But not today! Today will be...

 5 Things Thursday!

Get excited cause here we go...

- one -

Kylie Jenner launched the first product in her makeup line on Monday.
There was a ton of hoopla, and Miss S was hanging on every word. My fashion
and makeup loving daughter absolutely loves Kylie's style and makeup, and this 
new "lipkit by Kylie" was right at the top of her Christmas wishlist.

Here are a couple of pics via Instagram.

The color choices are Dolce K, Candy K, and TrueBrown K.

Everyone was standing close by on Instagram, because the link to buy
these lip kits was set to be posted at 9 a.m Pacific Time, or 11:00 our time.

The link was posted, and I was ready. Credit card in one hand, cell phone in
the other. I clicked the link, clicked on Dolce K, and clicked "Add To Cart."

All my clicking took only about 20 seconds, but much to my surprise, every
single color was SOLD OUT.

$26 lip kits sold out in less than 30 seconds!!!

Has the world gone completely mad? I still don't see how this happened.
Apparently way more people are obsessed with Kylie Jenner than I would 
have imagined.

So... Now we wait. Miss S has fingers and toes crossed that these lip kits will
be available again soon.

- two -

Not long after the lip kit sell out, I was in the shower and heard a big crash.

Reluctantly, I ventured through the house to see if I could figure out the reason
for such a commotion. I noticed the garbage truck was in the neighborhood, and
put the chocolate lab that was hysterically jumping and barking out the back door, 
and then I spotted what caused the crashing noise.

I just stood there, staring at my plant, and all the potting soil, ALL OVER

Really Drake? Really?

He is like a bull in a china shop! But look at his sweet face.

I love this crazy thing, but some days he keeps me hopping.

When Hubby got home, he helped me piece my plant back together,
so we will wait and see if it will survive the trauma from the fall.

- three -

I just found out yesterday that there is a candle in the world that I really,
really want to own. You know how I love candles. You may also know how 
much Miss S and I love Luke Bryan.

I really believe my life would be better if I owned this candle!

I mean, how did Luke Bryan release a candle and I didn't know about it?
I am so slacking on my fan girl status.

Apparently the candle was limited edition and no one even has them anymore.

No lip kit for Miss S, and no candle for me. Life, why ya gotta be so mean?

- four -

In other fun news, plantar fasciitis struck me from out of nowhere on Tuesday
night. I was walking around at work, and boom. All of a sudden pain started
shooting through the arches of my feet. What the heck? A quick google search
confirmed my suspicion. Plantar fasciitis. I suppose I needed something to distract
me from my tennis elbow, and my mystery pain in my right shoulder.

Looks like some of this will be in my future...

- five -

It's time for Day 3 in our daily scripture reading.

Isaiah 11: 1-5

A Branch from David’s Line
1Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot—
yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root.
2And the Spirit of the lord will rest on him—
the Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
the Spirit of counsel and might,
the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the lord.
3He will delight in obeying the lord.
He will not judge by appearance
nor make a decision based on hearsay.
4He will give justice to the poor
and make fair decisions for the exploited.
The earth will shake at the force of his word,
and one breath from his mouth will destroy the wicked.
5He will wear righteousness like a belt
and truth like an undergarment.

What's happening with you today?

Any new aches and pains for you?

Did you know Kylie made lip kits and Luke made candles?


  1. Ok Ms. Priss, how come I did not hear about this pain Tuesday night as I am sure you were wandering around with me when it happened?????

    1. I appreciate your concern :)
      I can assure you that the pain began after you left, so you were totally innocent in my suffering! ;)
      Super proud of your workouts this week! Keep that momentum going!


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