Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ho Ho Holiday Workout + Hoka Shoe Review

Christmas is just mere hours away friends, so I created a fast and fun
Ho Ho Holiday workout to share with you today. This workout was designed
to get you in and out of the gym quickly and back home to be with your family.


I got new shoes!

My HOKA shoe review:

My parents bought me a new pair of shoes for Christmas and decided to go
ahead and give them to me early. I have walked on the treadmill in them once,
have worn them Christmas shopping, and have worn them to work once.


I chose the Hoka Stinson 3 running shoe for it's cushioning, support, and
stability. The cushioning under the forefoot and heel are extraordinary,
and there was no other shoe in the store that compared to its cushion. 

My walks have unfortunately gotten shorter and shorter due to forefoot and
arch pain, coupled with the beginnings of plantar fascitis so I am really hoping
this shoe will get me back on my feet and back to my walks. Walking is definitely
my preferred choice of cardio, with thoughts of someday (down the road) 
completing a 5K walk/jog.

I have noticed that as I walk faster, I feel it more in my calves. Hokas are
supposed to encourage the forward rocking motion, so this may just take some
getting used to. I look forward to wearing my new Hokas and seeing how my
feet (and calves) respond to them the more I wear them. And I love the fun 
color too!

Happy Wednesday to you!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

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