Monday, December 14, 2015

Warm Weather Weekends

Happy Monday everyone. It's a cloudy, rainy one here today.

And not to stress you out, but we've only got 10 shopping days until
Christmas! Eek. Anyone else still have shopping to do?

It's been easy to forget that it is this close to Christmas around here since
the weather has been in the mid to upper 70's each day.

On Friday, in an attempt to make the day feel a little more like a December
day, I lit my Holiday candle from Bath & Body Works. I was hoping that if 
my house smelled like Christmas that it would make it feel like it's really happening.

When Miss S got home from school Friday afternoon, we headed out to find
the site where she would be taking her ACT test on Saturday morning. The test was
being held at a school that we had never been to, so we needed to find out exactly where
it was, and how long it would take her to drive there on Saturday morning.

On our way back to our house, we were awestruck by the beautiful sunset.

Look at that crazy thick cloud just looming over the street. What an incredible sight.

- Saturday -

Saturday morning, while Miss S was taking her ACT test, I headed off the the grocery
store. I decided to stop fighting the warm temperatures and embrace them instead.

Hair in a ponytail, shorts and a t-shirt on, and sunroof open. Not such a bad way to run

After my errands, it was time to do some Christmas baking.

I needed to bake a dessert to take to our Sunday School Christmas Party, and
Miss S needed to bake cookies to take to her Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Our kitchen was a red velvet mess when we finished!

We had a lot of fun at our parties, but I was ready to crash when we got home.
It had been a long busy day!

- Sunday -

After we got home from church on Sunday it was time for me to rest!

Miss S headed off to meet friends to study at Starbucks, and then to do some
Christmas shopping for gifts for her friends.

I made a cup of hot chocolate and settled in with a Christmas movie!

I love Lacey Chabert and was excited to watch her in this movie on Hallmark.


She was as adorable as always, and it was another Hallmark Channel movie

Hallmark Channel gets me and knows how to make watching movies something
to look forward to. One of these days, maybe Hubby will want to watch with me too.
I mean how much football does a person really need to watch, lol?!

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

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