Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites { December }

Happy Friday, and 

It's time once again to talk about a few of my favorite things.

- one -

For several months, this Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch has been one of my family's
favorites. 11 grams of protein for a bowl of cereal with milk is pretty good. 

A friend and I were talking about cereals, and she recommended I try this one.
What do you know?! I now have a new favorite. 


It has lightly sweetened flakes that stay crunchy in milk, and have a
hint of brown sugar sweetness. They are just as tasty without milk when
the munchies strike.

- two -

If Pumpkin Spice is the flavor for fall, then Peppermint has to be the official 
flavor for Christmas.

When a sweet craving strikes, I don't usually choose something that is white
chocolate or mint chocolate. I am usually a dark chocolate girl, but this 
Peppermint Bark from Dove has made me rethink things. (at least for the
holiday season!)
These little squares of goodness are definitely delicious. I think they are the
perfect blend of sweet, creamy, chocolate and mint.

- three -

If you have read more than two or three of my blog posts in the past, you
probably know how much I love candles, especially candles from Bath & Body

Leaves, and Pumpkin Apple have been my favorites for quite a while, but
this year I have found a scent that I love even more.

Some (Hubby) might even say I'm obsessed! This candle smells
a-may-zing. I just MAY have stockpiled them while they were on sale
 last weekend.

- four -

This Satin Lips Set from Mary Kay is another favorite this week.

The lip scrub is a wonderful addition to your beauty routine now that the temperatures
are cooling off outside, and the heat is on more inside. The cold/warm temperature
combination leaves my lips feeling chapped pretty quickly, and this lip set is my
favorite solution.

The scrub and balm can be purchased separately, but I recommend the set. It is reasonably
priced at $18, and will last you all winter long.

If you prefer to DIY a lip scrub, here are some, via Pinterest that look quite tempting.

- five -

After much research, taste testing, thought and deliberation, I have chosen my favorite
latte flavor for my red cup.

I've tried the Peppermint Mocha, the Chestnut Praline, and the Caramel Brulee,
and the winner of my heart is...

Chestnut Praline!

If you want to try a special treat this weekend, you now know what I would
recommend. :)

(also, please overlook the outfit choice...dress codes at work can be cruel...)

- six -

On Saturday we'll be watching our favorite team (Alabama) play Florida at 
the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship game.

I'm hoping for a game that is enjoyable and exciting to watch. Some plays they are on 
their 'A' game, other plays Hubby is shouting at the t.v. I'm hoping for more cheering, 
and less shouting during this game!

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