Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fall Beach Trip { Part 2 } + Thanksgiving + December is Here!

Happy December 1st and welcome to Part 2 of our beach vacation recap.
I've got a LOT of pictures to share, so let's get started!

Tuesday (11/24/15)

Tuesday morning, I awoke to this sound, and this view.

I mentioned in yesterday's Part 1 recap that we had our first Blue Angels sighting
of the trip on Monday.

Well, on Tuesday morning they were really teasing us flying back and forth, back and
forth by our balcony. After the third fly by, we decided right then and there that we were
going to head to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. The GPS said we were only
30 minutes away, so the decision was made. We hopped in the car and headed over the
bridge to Florida. (Our condo was only about 3 minutes from the Alabama/Florida line.)

It was a beautiful, scenic drive and we arrived in Pensacola in no time.

getting ready to go through the "check point" to enter

To be admitted to the museum all you need is your driver's license. There is no charge
for admission, which was really hard to believe. The museum is HUGE. Actually, it's the 
largest Naval Aviation Museum in the world. It is 350,000 square feet, so do wear comfortable
shoes and plan to spend most of the day there.

One of the first things we spotted once inside the museum was the Blue Angels exhibit.

They had the cockpits of two Blue Angel planes that you could climb in and sit in the pilot
seat. Not a lot of room in there at all!

(I just realized that I took the pic of Miss S in the plane using her phone, so I don't 
have a pic to share of her in the plane.)

I took SO MANY pictures, but will try not to overshare and make this post SUPER long.

Like I said, I took so many more pictures, but don't want this post to be crazy long,
so promise me that if you have never been to the Naval Aviation Museum that you 
will at least visit the website and check it out. There were so many planes, helicopters,
blimps, a fun souvenir shop, an incredible restuarant (with the best service I've ever
received in a restaurant!), a huge IMAX movie theatre, and even hands on exhibits for kids.

We saw this movie at 2:00.

When we left the museum, we were all pooped and ready for some dinner,

We headed back toward our condo, and stopped in Perdido Key at one of our
favorite restaurants, The Crab Trap.

We got there about 4:30, so we snapped a couple of pictures before going inside.

Once inside, all phones were put away. We wanted to enjoy our last seafood dinner
before heading home the next day. 


Saying goodbye to our view from the front door of the condo.

And to the walkway going to the beach.

And to the beautiful waves lapping on the shore.

As we were getting ready to leave, the crews were busy raking and fluffing  the 
sand, and putting out beach chairs. The weather for Thanksgiving was supposed to
be sunny and 75. I didn't want to leave!

Thursday {Thanksgiving Day}

This year we hosted my in-laws at our house for Thanksgiving.

Hubby finally full-filled his desire to try frying a turkey.

After lunch I snuck in some snuggle time with my little man,

and he decided it would be a good time to catch a quick nap on mommy.

Miss S and I ended our Thanksgiving by doing a little Black Friday shopping
at The Summit. Belk, Bath & Body, and Old Navy were our stores of interest
and opened at 6 pm. We shopped and were back home with our goodies by 9:00.

Well, I guess that wraps up our Thanksgiving week of fun.

Time to move on to December...

I found this December Scripture plan on Pinterest and thought it would be neat
to share the verses of the day here each day. I won't be writing them down, but if
I plan to share them here, maybe I will stand a decent chance of at least reading
them each day!


Day 1 - ( December 1)  -  Isaiah 7: 13-17

13-17So Isaiah told him, “Then listen to this, government of David! It’s 
bad enough that you make people tired with your pious, timid hypocrisies, 
but now you’re making God tired. So the Master is going to give you a sign 
anyway. Watch for this: A girl who is presently a virgin will get pregnant. 
She’ll bear a son and name him Immanuel (God-With-Us). By the time the 
child is twelve years old, able to make moral decisions, the threat of war will 
be over. Relax, those two kings that have you so worried will be out of the 
picture. But also be warned: God will bring on you and your people and 
your government a judgment worse than anything since the time the 
kingdom split, when Ephraim left Judah. The king of Assyria is coming!”

Thanks for sticking with me through this LONG post.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Ever been to the Naval Aviation Museum?

See you tomorrow!

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