Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Currently... I need to vacuum!

With the sun shining in the front windows this morning, there
is no denying the fact that we have three inside animals. A lovely
combination of kitty and puppy hair is evident on our hardwood floors.
There needs to be vacuuming done, today.

Currently... Miss S is getting ready to take two exams.

She has two exams today, and one tomorrow and then she will be
out of school for Christmas Break. I can hardly believe that tomorrow,
she will be finished with half of her Junior year of high school.
Time needs to sloooowww down. I'm not ready to face her getting 
any older or any closer to moving out and going away to college.

Currently... It's time to think about goals and plans for 2016.

Can you believe I just said that? Yes, a brand new year will be here
in only 16 days. Ready or not, a new year, and a fresh start is almost
upon us. I need to plan (or at least think about) what I hope to change,
improve, and accomplish in the NEW YEAR!

Currently... I need to get a move on!

I need to go out and do some Christmas shopping, along with a couple
of errands, AND my anniversary is on Saturday. Hubby and I will celebrate
23 years of marriage and so far I haven't even gotten him a card! I have got
to get a plan together and get to work on that. I sure wish I was better at picking
out gifts for people. That would make this task a little easier.

What's happening in your life today?

Are you on top of your "to do list" or falling behind?

Are you ready to plan for a new year?

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