Saturday, December 12, 2015

A KrisFit Check In { #1 }

Let's do a quick check in to see how I did with my workouts this week.
I already know that I didn't reach my goals for the week, but I want to try
sharing my workouts from each week to keep me accountable. Will I
always remember, or have time to post my workouts? I'm not sure, but
it's worth a shot!

Sunday   -    na da

Monday   -   na da

(not off to a great start this week!)

Tuesday   -   30 minutes on recumbent bike

Wednesday  -   strength training

Thursday   -   na da

Friday   -    na da

Saturday   -   1 1/4  mile walk  +  strength training

Wednesday's workout:

- Circuit One -

Leg Press   

Assisted Pull Ups

BB Bench Press

Seated Row

- Circuit Two -

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

BB Push Press

( I did 2 sets of each exercise, and was not really sore on Thursday, so
I will plan to complete 3 sets next week. )

Saturday's workout:

- Circuit One -

Push Ups

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Incline Bench BB Pull

Underhand Cable Pulldown

- Circuit Two -

DB Front to Side Raise

DB Lateral Raise

BB Bicep Curl

DB Triceps Kickbacks

( was short on time, so only completed 2 sets of each )

My goal was to strength train three days, and do yoga two days, and cardio
at least two days.

I got close to my cardio goal, but want to step up my strength training and yoga
practice next week.

I know as Christmas gets closer, it will be easier to skip workouts and skip
KrisFit Check-Ins, but I'll plan to check in again next Saturday.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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