Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Christmas Recap - Parts 1, 2, and 3

Round 1

Like I mentioned last week, Round 1 of our 2015 Christmas celebration 
took place on Friday, December 18 at Logan's Steakhouse, where we met and 
had lunch with Hubby's dad and stepmom, to celebrate Christmas. They gave 
each of us the kind of gift that is always the right size, and the right color... 

Round 2

Round 2 of our Christmas celebration took place on Christmas Eve at Hubby's
mom and stepdad's house. My sister-in-law and two nephews were also there.
We ate lunch and then it was time to pass out the gifts to everyone.

The adults talked, and the kids waited patiently for their turn to open

Miss S looked up from her phone momentarily to flash me a quick smile, lol.

Hubby's mom and stepdad enjoyed watching their grand kids open their gifts.

After all the gifts were exchanged and opened, it was time for a few family
photos. The weather this Christmas was hot and extremely humid. I would
say it is probably the weirdest Christmas weather than I can remember!

After family pictures, Hubby wanted to stop by the land where he hunts during hunting
season to check on his deer stands and to look for deer tracks, etc.

I was surprised at how beautiful the land was. After seeing it in person I can
understand why he enjoys going there as much as he can. It was so peaceful and

While Hubby was checking on things, I snapped a quick "look at me in the woods" selfie.

When we finished exploring on the hunting land, we headed back home so we 
would be at home on Christmas Eve night.

Round 3

Round 3 of our Christmas was celebrated at home with just the three of us, plus 
our three fur babies.

Once Miss S figured out the whole story about Santa, we started doing all of
our Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve. When we are going to travel on 
Christmas Day, it just makes more sense to do our family Christmas when we 
have plenty of time to do it without being rushed. We can take our time and
enjoy the moment.

 Drake is super happy for family time!

Miss S is passing out presents and Rusty is feeling a little nervous about all
the commotion. 

Let the unwrapping begin!

Shelley can hardly believe Miss S is getting so many goodies!

Miss S picked this necklace out for me. It's hard to see it well, but it has
three little circles that are looped together. Because their are three of us
in our little family, I have always liked items that represent the number 

I love that she thought about that when she saw this necklace and knew that I
would love its special significance.

Drake is wondering if I'm going to share me new Bath & Body Works candles
with him!

Hubby loved his new hunting knife.

Miss S LOVES shoes and was so excited to add another cute pair to her collection!

We had a busy, but fun Christmas Eve this year.

I will be back on Tuesday to wrap up our 2015 Christmas Recap
by sharing about our day with my parents on Christmas Day.

How was your Christmas Eve?

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