Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Planning For The New Year.....Ideas and Inspiration

If you are having a little trouble settling on goals for the new year, here 
are some links that can help.

More ideas...

(this one has been a work in progress for me for several years now)

More ideas...

I really like most of these!

And one more list to consider...

I'm not sure about #6 and #9, but sign me up for #1, heehee.

Happy NEW YEAR to you!

I'll see you back here on Monday, January 4th!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

When we arrived at my parent's house on Christmas Day, Happy Cat and Happy Dog
were on the t.v and ready to welcome us in!

While lunch was cooking, Miss S was ready to get down to business. She was ready
to open more presents!

What? More shoes?! My girl is obsessed! But aren't these Vans the cutest?
I told her I might want to get a pair too, and you should have seen the look of
horror on her face!

I love this picture of her Papa (my dad) picking at her. They have a super close
and fun relationship and love being together.

Hubby is opening a much needed gift that was for both of us. New sheets!
Nothing like sleeping on your bed when you have brand new fresh sheets.
It's almost like being on vacation, but you get to stay at home. :)

Our time spent at my parent's house was perfect except for one little thing...

The temperature outside on Christmas Day was 78 degrees!

It was also crazy humid, so we only posed for one quick picture.

My favorite girls right mom and my daughter. They both make
my heart happy on a daily basis!

Well, now that Christmas 2015 is a wrap, I suppose it's time to think about
the upcoming new year.

Can anyone even believe that it is almost 2016?

What are your plans for the new year?

Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Christmas Recap - Parts 1, 2, and 3

Round 1

Like I mentioned last week, Round 1 of our 2015 Christmas celebration 
took place on Friday, December 18 at Logan's Steakhouse, where we met and 
had lunch with Hubby's dad and stepmom, to celebrate Christmas. They gave 
each of us the kind of gift that is always the right size, and the right color... 

Round 2

Round 2 of our Christmas celebration took place on Christmas Eve at Hubby's
mom and stepdad's house. My sister-in-law and two nephews were also there.
We ate lunch and then it was time to pass out the gifts to everyone.

The adults talked, and the kids waited patiently for their turn to open

Miss S looked up from her phone momentarily to flash me a quick smile, lol.

Hubby's mom and stepdad enjoyed watching their grand kids open their gifts.

After all the gifts were exchanged and opened, it was time for a few family
photos. The weather this Christmas was hot and extremely humid. I would
say it is probably the weirdest Christmas weather than I can remember!

After family pictures, Hubby wanted to stop by the land where he hunts during hunting
season to check on his deer stands and to look for deer tracks, etc.

I was surprised at how beautiful the land was. After seeing it in person I can
understand why he enjoys going there as much as he can. It was so peaceful and

While Hubby was checking on things, I snapped a quick "look at me in the woods" selfie.

When we finished exploring on the hunting land, we headed back home so we 
would be at home on Christmas Eve night.

Round 3

Round 3 of our Christmas was celebrated at home with just the three of us, plus 
our three fur babies.

Once Miss S figured out the whole story about Santa, we started doing all of
our Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve. When we are going to travel on 
Christmas Day, it just makes more sense to do our family Christmas when we 
have plenty of time to do it without being rushed. We can take our time and
enjoy the moment.

 Drake is super happy for family time!

Miss S is passing out presents and Rusty is feeling a little nervous about all
the commotion. 

Let the unwrapping begin!

Shelley can hardly believe Miss S is getting so many goodies!

Miss S picked this necklace out for me. It's hard to see it well, but it has
three little circles that are looped together. Because their are three of us
in our little family, I have always liked items that represent the number 

I love that she thought about that when she saw this necklace and knew that I
would love its special significance.

Drake is wondering if I'm going to share me new Bath & Body Works candles
with him!

Hubby loved his new hunting knife.

Miss S LOVES shoes and was so excited to add another cute pair to her collection!

We had a busy, but fun Christmas Eve this year.

I will be back on Tuesday to wrap up our 2015 Christmas Recap
by sharing about our day with my parents on Christmas Day.

How was your Christmas Eve?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's Christmas Eve!

M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S  

from our family to yours!

We will be spending today with Hubby's side of the family, and tomorrow 
with my parents.  

Wishing you a happy holiday weekend. I hope all your Christmas wishes
come true.

Thank you so much for reading each day!

See you on Monday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ho Ho Holiday Workout + Hoka Shoe Review

Christmas is just mere hours away friends, so I created a fast and fun
Ho Ho Holiday workout to share with you today. This workout was designed
to get you in and out of the gym quickly and back home to be with your family.


I got new shoes!

My HOKA shoe review:

My parents bought me a new pair of shoes for Christmas and decided to go
ahead and give them to me early. I have walked on the treadmill in them once,
have worn them Christmas shopping, and have worn them to work once.


I chose the Hoka Stinson 3 running shoe for it's cushioning, support, and
stability. The cushioning under the forefoot and heel are extraordinary,
and there was no other shoe in the store that compared to its cushion. 

My walks have unfortunately gotten shorter and shorter due to forefoot and
arch pain, coupled with the beginnings of plantar fascitis so I am really hoping
this shoe will get me back on my feet and back to my walks. Walking is definitely
my preferred choice of cardio, with thoughts of someday (down the road) 
completing a 5K walk/jog.

I have noticed that as I walk faster, I feel it more in my calves. Hokas are
supposed to encourage the forward rocking motion, so this may just take some
getting used to. I look forward to wearing my new Hokas and seeing how my
feet (and calves) respond to them the more I wear them. And I love the fun 
color too!

Happy Wednesday to you!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Truth Tuesday

- one -

I was able to stay in bed this morning until 8:30 and it was wonderful!
I don't know if I will ever be what they call a "morning person."
I would happily wake up every morning at 8:00, but any time before
then is just painful. I typically get up around 6:15 on school days and on
Sundays, so any time that I can linger in bed a bit longer is a luxury.

Yes, sign me up for this any day of the week...

- two -

Traffic yesterday was one hot mess! Miss S and I needed to go out to buy
two final gifts before Christmas and I was at the brink of a nervous breakdown
by the time we got into town. Miss S was driving (which was fine) but her 
musical tastes as of late are Justin Bieber and old Taylor Swift. Both are fine, 
but she plays them on repeat! Our destination was only 25 minutes away, but with 
the horrific traffic it took us 45 minutes to get there. Justin Bieber and Taylor 
Swift playing loudly (on repeat) coupled with heavy, heavy traffic and rainy weather 
almost pushed me over the edge! Ooooohhh to be young again! 

- three -

My Christmas shopping is now officially complete! Now I just need to wrap a
few small items and we are done. My goal next year is to complete ALL of my
Christmas shopping by December 10. I'm not sure that will be possible, but that
is going to be my goal.

I finished up Christmas cards yesterday too. Next year I want to have cards done 
much earlier as well. Last year we only received a hand full of cards in the mail
at Christmas time, but this year everyone seemed to be sending them again.
So, I'm making a mental note to be more prepared next year!

I want to be doing this next year rather than running around
last minute shopping.....

- four -

I know the rest of the week is only going to get busier, so my plan for today is 
to get our house more clean and organized. Laundry has taken over in the blink 
of any eye, so I need to get that under control along with a few other chores. I
guess today may be more of a "catch up day" than an actual "get ahead day," 
but I will do what I can! Maybe I can enlist the help of Miss S?! Sounds like
a plan to me!

Tell me a truth for your Tuesday. Are you all ready for Christmas?

See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Before Christmas Recap + A Birthday

Happy week of Christmas! You have 4 more shopping days before the big 
day. But, before you run out the door to finish shopping, let's quickly recap 
the weekend.


Thursday night was Hubby's company Christmas party.

For the past several years, the party has been held at Bright Star Restaurant in
downtown Bessemer.

As guests arrived appetizers were brought out. All the crab claws, jumbo
shrimp, and fried mushrooms that you could eat.

When it's time to order, I usually order the salmon with a sweet potato, and 
Hubby orders the filet.

They bring out fresh bread with the salads, and that bread is fabulous. I could
almost make a meal out of the bread and appetizers alone!


We had our annual Christmas lunch in Prattville with Hubby's dad and 
stepmom. Once we got back home, I almost backed out of going to the church
choir final rehearsal for the Christmas musical and Choir Christmas party Friday
evening with Hubby. I was tired and just wanted to stay home, but I am really 
happy that I toughed up and decided to go with him. We actually had a lot of fun.
The choir rehearsal sounded excellent, and then the party afterwards was full of
conversation and catching up. I'm glad I went with him!

(Sorry no pics for today. It was cold and WINDY!!)


Saturday was mine and Hubby's 23 year wedding anniversary!

Unfortunately Hubby wasn't feeling well so he spent most of the day napping
on the couch.

I got in a good workout and enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath, and then tried out
my new perfume that Hubby got me for our anniversary.

It smells delicious, and Miss S has already asked to borrow it! ;)

Hubby also got me this foot massager. It is perfect for relaxing tired feet at
the end of a long day.


Sunday was a big day for Hubby. His choir performed their Christmas musical 
as the Sunday morning church service.

They did a phenomenal job!!! I was so proud of him and the choir.

We had our whole family at church too which always makes for a great day.

After the choir performed their Christmas musical, we headed to one of our 
favorite restaurants for lunch.

Hubby and Miss S...

My mom and Miss S...

Everyone was talking and visiting and somehow Dad and I didn't end up in any
of the pictures! Boo. We will have to do better next time!


Today is a super special day! Today this baby boy is celebrating his birthday!

Drake is 9 years old today!

Happy Birthday buddy boy. Miss S and I will have to pick up a special
new toy, and maybe a new box of treats for you today.

How was your weekend?

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Fast Friday

I've got about five minutes to pop in today. We are seeing Hubby's Dad and
Stepmom today to celebrate Christmas, and I've got to hurry up and get ready!

Last night was Hubby's company Christmas Party. I will talk more about it on
Monday in my BIG EDITION weekend recap.

Trust me....It's going to be a BIG and BUSY weekend around here. We have 
Christmas Part 1, a wedding anniversary, and a fur baby birthday, so there will 
LOTS to share on Monday!

Since I am so rushed today, I will only share one quick selfie I snapped before 
hopping in the car to go to Hubby's party.

We had a really nice time. We ate way to much food, but had a lot of fun
catching up with everyone. I only see most of the people Hubby works with
once a year at the Christmas party, and it's always fun to catch up with what's
going on in their lives. He is really blessed to work with such wonderful people.

Thanks for stopping by for this really FAST and short post.

I'll see you Monday!

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