Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Recap + Christmas Workout Fun

Friday night was a Chinese take out kind of night!

It was sushi for me, along with hot and sour soup, beef and broccoli with rice
for Hubby, and Sweet and Sour Chicken for Miss S. 

After enjoying our take out, it was time to catch up on some of our shows on the
DVR. We watched Blind Spot and NCIS.

In other news, our Christmas decorating is complete. I will be sharing everything
with you in a link up on December 8.


Saturday was a day of torture clean the house day. We cleaned, and arranged, and
cleaned some more in preparation for company coming for Thanksgiving. It will be
the first time having Thanksgiving at our house. Ironically enough, I am fully 
decorated for Christmas, and hosting Thanksgiving at my house. Oh well, my house, 
my decorations of choice!  ;)

December is just around the corner which makes today the perfect time to share a
fun Christmas themed workout.

You can view the workout here if it is too small to view from my page, or
you can find a printable pdf version here.

When the Christmas season gets crazy and busy, turn your workouts into
a fun little escape from the "to do's." Be sure to make time to keep yourself
on that list of things that you need to do.

This workout is a great way to keep yourself sane and fit!

Have a great Monday!

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