Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Talk

- one -

After having Miss S sick all weekend, I took her to the doctor yesterday.
We found out she has bronchitis, and she received two shots, and prescriptions
for an antibiotic, an oral steroid, and cough medicine. Hopefully she will be on 
the mend very soon and once we get her well, she can STAY well. It's getting
close to the holiday season, and I would love to have a happy, healthy holiday.

After getting home from the doctor we ate soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
while watching her current favorite on Netflix. Gilmore Girls is the best! I mean
you really have to pay close attention because the witty, and sarcastic comments
are flying left and right. I would still be laughing at one comment, and would miss
the next two. If you've never watched, do yourself a favor and get started today.

They are just adorable, and so is the entire show. I loved every second of t.v time
with my girl. 

- two -

We turned on our heat inside the house for the first time last night. I had been
reminding Hubby that we needed a fresh air filter so that we would be ready to
turn it on when needed. To let him know we were cold and ready for some heat 
in the house, I sent him this picture...

This is actually a bath robe that I'm wrapped up in like a blanket. It is the softest 
thing on the planet, but he says it's also the ugliest! He hates when I wear it! 
BUT it is SO SOFT and warm.

I do have to admit that it is an odd length, it's really thick material, and it is
terribly unflattering. All the more reason that this picture was completely
and hysterically funny at the time.

- three -

Poor Miss S headed off to school today at 6:55 because they have a club
meeting before school that was required. What a great way to get back into
a routine after being sick. (insert sarcasm)

At least she will be off tomorrow for Veteran's Day, and hopefully she can
get more rest and recovery time then.

- four -

Today is yoga day for me. I'll be doing a video or two from You Tube. 
I mentioned last week that I really like doing Yoga With Adriene videos.

I may do this one...

or maybe this one...

If you would like to do more yoga practice, but would also like to do this in 
your own home, I highly recommend Adriene's videos. Practicing yoga with
her is kind of like spending time with a friend. She leaves you feeling happy 
and uplifted, rather than feeling like your yoga practice wasn't good enough.
She uses the phrase "find what feels good" over and over again and encourages
you to accept where you are and not push into something you aren't ready for.
What a great message to take with you into life.

Well, that's what's happening on Tuesday around here.

Have a great day!


  1. Gilmore Girls is THE BEST. I binge watched it on Netflix too... but before the days of streaming. Had to painfully wait for DVDs. #firstworldproblems


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