Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Truth Tuesday

Hello again!

I'm happy that you made it through Monday and that you are joining me
again today. We are going to have some fun with Truth Tuesday today.


I have discovered that it is much more fun to pin recipes on Pinterest than it is to 
actually take the time to cook them!

I made this recipe for "John Wayne Casserole" for dinner last night. It was fairly
simple to make, but every time I make a "new to me" recipe, it just seems to take
a little longer because I keep referring back to the recipe to make sure I'm getting
everything right.

It turned out to be pretty good. Hubby gave me a skeptical look when I called 
it "John Wayne Casserole," so I quickly changed the name to Taco Casserole,
and he was okay with it then.


Our Christmas tree still isn't finished. My helper has lost interest and I think
I'm on my own now. Her thought process has switched back to school and her 
friends mode, so I may just try to finish it up today. I'm kind of tired of walking 
around storage containers and boxes.


Miss S is EXTREMELY against the use of multi-colored lights. She will only 
give her seal of approval on the use of plain white lights. I love both, and 
would use both, but she absolutely can't stand the colors. I have a medium sized 
tree in the dining room that has the multi-colored lights on it, but everything else 
in our house uses the plain white bulbs. When I say that the multi-colored lights 
are fun and happy, she just shakes her head at me. My girl has her own opinions
and knows what she likes!


This blog post is being interrupted by a dachshund with an upset stomach. He has 
been sick three times this morning, so my plan for getting a lot accomplished
may have just been interrupted. It's hard to stay focused when you have a sick
dog on your hands.

Guess I better go!

I hope YOUR day is free from doggie "issues!"


  1. I'm with Miss S. I like white lights too. Colored lights are fun and happy - on someone else's tree! LOL I haven't started decorating (or doing much of anything at all) yet. I've lost my mojo and have no idea where I left it..... sigh....

    1. Mojo is funny like that. One day you have it, the next, you can't find it for anything. The struggle is real! ;)


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