Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three, (Plus A Few) Things Thursday { Hashtags Included }

- one -

Doxie Baby is feeling much better today. He is finally acting like his
usual spunky, adorable little self. It was a rough two days seeing him
sick, weak, confused and worn out. For people that don't see their pets
as part of the family, they probably won't understand what having a sick 
doggie feels like in my world, but that's okay. I love all three of our fur 
babies and treat them like family. 

One of the things the vet suggested was to boil a plain/bland chicken
breast for him to try to eat first, before offering his regular dog food.
He was very supportive of this idea, and has made is clear that he would
totally be okay being on the chicken breast diet for little longer, haha.

- two -

I am about 85% finished decorating for Christmas. Miss S has totally bailed
on me. She was the one begging to bring everything out last Saturday, but has
now completely lost interest in helping.

- three -

3 random thoughts in no particular order...

-  gas in $1.79 a gallon right now

- I've got so much to do today that I don't know where to start

- I really want to paint my jewelry amoire with white chalk paint

- we are on day 323 out of 365

- the SUN is SHINING today!

One last thing before I go...

I shared this video on my facebook page on Tuesday, but want to
share on my blog today.


My sweet, handsome, talented Hubby sang one of my favorite hymns in
church on Sunday. I started recording a little late, and the quality isn't perfect,
but his worship through song makes my heart so happy. I could listen to him
sing every minute of every day. A few of the things I first fell in love with was that
he makes me feel safe and taken care of, he makes me laugh, his beautiful hazel 
eyes, and his voice. 


It's ONE week until Thanksgiving! The holidays are coming so quickly.

See you tomorrow!

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