Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mid Week Check In

I thought I would share a little sunshine with you today. I'm a little worried that we
may forget what it looks like around here. I am not really sure of the last time I saw
it, and no one really knows when we will see it again.

Here's how my workouts are looking this week.



Some yoga was on tap for Tuesday and my sore muscles were looking forward
to some gentle stretching. While I was getting all set up to start, I noticed there
were going to be a few obstacles in my yoga practice.

What can ya do? I suppose they wanted in on the yoga fun too. I guess they love 
Yoga With Adriene videos on YouTube as much as I do. Her videos are short and
sweet and I find her instruction to be helpful, cheerful, and calming. Some instructors
on YouTube are a little annoying with their constant chatter, but I really enjoy 
Adriene's personality and yoga style.


My workout for today will be this gym quickie.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Can you believe there are only 50 days until Christmas?

Anyone else love Adriene's yoga videos?

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