Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend Recap

Sometimes I wake up on Saturday mornings and just don't feel like getting ready
and going out into the world. But this Saturday I woke up knowing I needed to get
out and about. Some days with two barking dogs in the house, you just need to escape
the noise and go on a little shopping trip. Surprisingly, Miss S wasn't feeling it at first, 
but did finally decide to join me on my morning out.

- Saturday -

Our first stop on Saturday morning was Trader Joe's. Our store is brand new and has
only been open for about three weeks.

Miss S stopped in her tracks when she saw all the flowers!

Of course some sunflowers immediately jumped into our cart to come home with us.

I also found some new to me pumpkin goodies and coffee to bring home.

Next on my list was Bath & Body. This girl loves her Bath & Body store. I hadn't
been in lately to smell the new winter scents and it was killing me!

While I liked the new winter scents, I didn't find one that I absolutely loved, so I indulged
in candles from the 50% off shelf.

I chose the "We Love Fall" trio candle, and Miss S chose the Radiant Red Maple.
OH MY GOODESS! They both smell amazing. I love them both so much that if our
darn store wasn't a 45 minute trip from our house, I would be going back today to buy
a few more! (They are already sold out of both online.)

After a few more stops, it was time for lunch. I knew without a doubt that I wanted a
cheeseburger from Five Guys. They are my favorite burgers in the world and I hadn't
had one in almost two years, so I was going to make sure it happened!

It was every bit as wonderful as I remembered. Oh Little Cheeseburger, you are truly amazing!

When we got back home, I sat our shopping bags on the floor to snap a quick pic.
Kitty Baby kind of made the same face that Hubby makes when I bring home shopping

Saturday night, Miss S went out with friends while Hubby and I handled the invasion
of the trick-or-treaters, ate Chili, and watched a few shows from our DVR.

It was pouring down rain by 6:30, so we turned off our porch light and stopped the

- Sunday -

Sunday morning was church, and then some ho hum Mexican for lunch.

I was excited about this movie coming on the Hallmark Channel at 5:00.

I love Candace Cameron Bure, and even popped popcorn for my movie viewing pleasure.

Miss S emerged from her room while taking a homework break and was like...

Ugh. This time change is so gross. I like that it isn't dark when we get up in the mornings,
but hate that is is dark at 4:15 in the afternoon.

I seriously wanted to go to bed last night at 7:00! Crazy! It is definitely hard to get used to.

Today I'm linking up with Katie today for...

How was your weekend?

How do you survive the time change?


  1. Oh yeay! Someone else who loves the Hallmark Channel! I cannot wait for my DVR to get here today so I can record the movies. With my stepkids hoaging the tv, my best bet is to watch them movies when they are in school or at night. :-) And I am with you about Bath and Body. Their new winter scents are so good!

    1. Yes! A DVR is a must have. Hallmark movies are my absolute favorite. :) Thanks for visiting today!


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