Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and welcome to Friday Favorites!

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Making my list of favorites this week are...

- one -

I am loving these fun fall flavors of Greek yogurt.

These little cups of yumminess are showing up for snack time on the daily
around here.

Pumpkin Cheesecake...

Caramel Apple ...

And Caramel Apple Pie...

Yoplait and Dannon know the way to my heart with these healthy, sweet treats.

- two -

These gloves are kind of funny, but they sure make washing the dishes and cleaning
the kitchen a little happier.

They also help out my saving my manicure. No more chipped nails after only
one day. And, how could I resist buying them? They are cheetah print after all!

- three -

I know if you read my blog daily that I am sounding like a broken record
here, but truly, the Christmas movies on Hallmark are just too good to miss.

Here are the new movies that will be on this season.

You can view the entire lineup of movies and view movie trailors here.

In addition to new Christmas movies, they are replaying favorites from 
the past. You can view the schedule for today here.

Admittedly, I will probably be tuning in at 2:00 today for Christmas Dance
since I somehow missed it last year, and will be staying put to re-watch 
A Royal Christmas at 4:00. (Lacey Chabert is just adorable in every movie
that she is in!)

If you've never seen Christmas Under Wraps, please, please watch or DVR it
at 6:00 tonight. It is SO, SO good! Candace Cameron Bure is absolutely perfect
in all of her movies, and this one is no different.

I will be setting my DVR to record at 8:00 for Ice Sculpture Christmas.

Miss S and I are toying with the idea of bringing out the Christmas decor
this weekend. It is a little early, but I do like that I will have time to take it
slow and switch things up and still have plenty of time to buy items that I may
need once we get everything in place. The closer you get to Christmas, the 
crazier the crowds, and you start to have trouble with popular items selling out. 
Hopefully if we get started now, we can avoid some of the holiday rush.

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