Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites & Lesson Learned

Happy Friday and welcome to Friday Favorites!

I mentioned in Monday's post that Miss S and I went to Trader Joe's for the first time
over the weekend. (our store just opened 3 weeks ago)

What a fun place! I look forward to getting back sometime on a weekday (when it won't
be quite as crowded) so I can really take my time and explore every isle.

Even though the store was crowded, I still managed to find a few "new to me" pumpkin
goodies. (It's a gift, what can I say? Always on pumpkin patrol.)

- one -

This week I've been loving Trader Joe's Pumpkin O's, and their pumpkin cereal bars.

- two -

Have you ever seen a catchier name for a cereal bar? "This pumpkin walks into
a bar." And they're cereal bars. I mean stop it! That makes me laugh every single time!

- three -

These candles are out of this world amazing. Y'all can't even imagine! I have
been burning one or the other, all day, every day since I bought them on Saturday.
Hopefully these will be scents that they bring back again next fall.

- four -

This has been Miss S's favorite hot chocolate forever.

Until I found it in K-Cups.  

The mix was always a little hard to blend well, but with K-Cups that problem is
no more. Same delicious taste as the mix, but already measured out and thanks to
the magic of Keurig, her hot chocolate is mixed and blended perfectly every time. 

- five -

Miss S and I have a new favorite pizza.

Hubby prefers the Digiorno pizzeria thin in Supreme, but Miss S and I wanted to
try something different. The Margherita Pizza was so, so good. Can't recommend
it enough!

- six -

I mentioned last week that Hubby's step-dad is a Golden Flake District Manager
so we occasionally find ourselves with a new bag of chips to try. This one is another
hit. Even though they are delicious,  I won't be buying any. Despite what it looks like 
in this post, I do actually try to limit the amount of junk food that comes into the 
house. These chips would be a temptation. so once this bag is gone, we are done. 
It's harder to reach for a piece fruit as a snack when there are yummy chips around!

A lesson learned...

I picked these up at the grocery store yesterday hoping to have a fun new treat
to tell you about.


Just no. 

I bought, and did not like the Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored M&M's, 
and even ended up throwing the bag away. 

I bought the Pecan Pie flavored M&M's and again, did not like them and 
threw the bag away.

Now I've bought this bag of Hot Chocolate flavored M&M's and will most likely
be throwing this bag away. I don't like them, and Miss S doesn't like them, so if
Hubby doesn't like them either, that will be another bag for the trash.

This time I have learned my lesson!

I do NOT like artificially flavored M&M's. Not even a little bit.
They are awful.

I will stick to the traditional M&M's. Plain, peanut, and peanut butter are 
delicious, but something goes horribly wrong when they try to make these 
flavors. They end up tasting like artificial chemicals, instead of whatever
flavor they are supposed to taste like.

Sorry M & M's but you will not trick me again.

Next week, I promise not to share any more junk food with you! I will be on
the lookout for healthy goodies to share next time.

Remember to click here to see who else is sharing their favorites this week!

Thanks for visiting today and have a great weekend!

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