Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cute Assistants and Awesome Sales

I thought I would take a moment to spotlight my behind the scenes blogging assistant.
No blog post can be written or posted without his approval. If I am in the house, this is
his preferred place to be. 

After yesterday's post was written and published, I decided to tackle cleaning out the
dresser drawers in the master bedroom. I have noticed that lately I have gotten slower in 
folding and putting away clean clothes because I was running out of space to put them.
I knew this was a task that couldn't be ignored any longer.

I emptied the contents of the overflowing drawers onto the bed with intentions of 
sorting and purging. Surely no one person needs this many gym clothes and pajamas!

Again, I had really cute behind the scenes assistants.

Bonus points if you can spot my doxie baby behind the piles of clothes!

(And those red flannel pajamas....may or may not have had them since college.)

While I was attempting to sort and purge, I was getting frustrated with my unnatural
attachment to these items. I didn't want to get rid of anything.


It was time to step away, and regroup. It was time to check out the week's sales
at one of my favorite stores.

Y'all really need to get to a Hobby Lobby this week. ALL Fall items and ALL Christmas
items are on sale for 50% off.  Even the Christmas trees are on sale for half off. 
Talk about the deal of the season!

This is my face after loading my sale items into my car. This momma LOVES
a good 50% off sale.  

How can Hubby be upset when the items I found were on sale for half price?! I got a 
fabulous sign that says "JOY" for Christmas. It is almost as tall as me! Of course Hubby 
wanted to know, "Where is THAT gonna go?" Actually, I'm not 100% sure at the 
moment, but I love it and I had to have it.

As soon as I start decorating for Christmas I will take a pic and let you see.

Once I got back home, I sorted and organized the abundance of clothes and got them
neatly put back into their space. The purging didn't go as planned, but at least the mess
is organized a little better. (Nope, didn't get rid of the red flannel pajamas...)

How was your Monday?

Are you planning ahead for Christmas, or do you prefer to wait until 
December to think about it?

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