Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two Pin Tuesday

If there has ever been a pin that perfectly describes my life, it would be these two.

When I saw these yesterday, they both made me laugh because both of them
are so appropriate for my life.

I often tell my family that if they ever can't find me, that I am probably
buried somewhere under the laundry. I feel like I am forever folding and 
putting it away. I will never understand how only three people can make so
much laundry!

And our cat is definitely the official guest list checker at our house. The dogs will 
greet you and almost knock you down, but our cat is always checking you out from
afar. If she approaches you, then you know you are pretty special!

Well, not much news from here today.  Hubby is still in a tizzy over car insurance
rates due to a teenage driver in the house, and I'm off to spend more of his money
to buy groceries for the week. Poor guy can't catch a break!

Well, life must go on.

I'll see you tomorrow for Workout Wednesday!

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