Monday, October 12, 2015

Two is Better Than One

I suppose our theme for the weekend was "two is better than one."

We had chopped Club Salads from Subway, not one day, but two. We had salads
for lunch on Saturday, and enjoyed them so much we had them for lunch again 
on Sunday.

I got caught up on the new fall movies that are airing each Saturday night

Hubby and I watched Autumn Dreams that came on last week. We had it
recorded on the DVR. Hubby usually fusses and protests any watching of
the Hallmark Channel, but he agreed to watch with me on Friday night.

Sunday night, Miss S and I crawled in my bed and watched Harvest Moon while
Hubby watched Sunday Night Football.

Harvest Moon was cute, but Autumn Dreams was my favorite. (and not just because
Colin Egglesfield is so darn cute, dreamy, handsome!)

Also on Sunday, Miss S and I went to two antique stores. She pretty much confirmed
that she is a boutique shopper. She kept complaining about the "old stuff" being
overpriced. That girl keeps me laughing.

It was a long weekend for us thanks to today being Columbus Day. Since schools
are closed today, it felt like we had two Saturdays, and two Saturdays are definitely 
better than one!

Have you had a chopped salad from Subway?

Do you ever watch movies on Hallmark Channel?

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