Thursday, October 1, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Happy October 1st!

Poor Hubby was up and off to work at 2:30 this morning. Thankfully this is not his 
normal schedule for work, just something that happens once every month or so. I know 
when he gets home today he will be exhausted. The animals are all confused by the change 
in the normal schedule. Kitty Baby didn't get the usual attention she gets from him in the 
mornings so she is going to be clingy all day! Drake helped himself to some chili this
morning while I was trying to get it heated to go is Miss S's thermos for lunch. Luckily
Rusty's short little legs prevented him from joining in with the chili bandit.

Yesterday, was a wonderfully fun day for me. My parents came to town and we went
antiquing. We visited a couple of antique stores in town, and enjoyed lunch together.
I found a couple of treasures that were totally meant to come live with me, and I'll be
sharing them with you tomorrow in my Friday Favorites post.

One thing that I would like to improve on is increasing our family's intake of fruits
and veggies. I would like to try to make sure that breakfast includes a side of fruit, 
lunch includes a fruit and a vegetable, and dinner includes two vegetables. That's
still lower than the recommended daily serving of fruits and veggies, but I would like to
try to accomplish at least those servings. I guess you might say that this is one of my
goals for October. 

Well there you have three things happening in my life lately.

I'll see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

Does your family eat enough fruits and veggies?

What is one of your goals for October?

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