Thursday, October 22, 2015

Three Things Thursday With Sparkles

Happy Thursday everyone!

 Thanks for stopping by for...

- one -

Sorry I didn't catch up with you yesterday, but life as a wife, mom, personal
trainer, and health coach got busy on me.  When I got home Tuesday night, 
Miss S was talkative and needed help studying for a test, then Hubby got
chatty too. By the time everyone was settled, I was exhausted and it was past 
my bedtime.

I slept horrible Tuesday night, and was mopey when the alarm went off, plus 
the internet was in and out Wednesday morning before I headed to the gym, so 
Wednesday's blog post just didn't happen.

But, what matters most is that I'm back with you today! Right? 

Good, now that we've got that all cleared up, let's move on.

- two -

On Tuesday afternoon, I learned how to make glitter fonts, and glitter
clip art, so consider yourself warned. There just might be a lot of glitter
in the future of this blog. There is no denying that I love sparkle!

Sparkles and sprinkles make everything happier.

What? You don't think so? Well, here's all the proof you need.

gold sparkles...

funfetti sprinkles...

I hope I convinced you because I can go on, haha.

Alright, alright, moving on.

- three -

I met an awesome blogger yesterday while I was at the gym.

She is one awesome ball of energy. So much fun to talk to and her enthusiasm
for life is contagious. I definitely need more of her "take life by the horns" 
personality in my life!

After chatting with Kristin, it was time for my workout.

My workout plan was for legs and back. This is what I did.

By the time I got home I was one tired momma. A tough workout after 
rough night's sleep wiped me out. Thankfully my "to do" list for the afternoon
wasn't very long. And my back and lats are feeeeeling this workout today.

I do find it interesting that Monday's body weight workout left my legs
sore, but the gym machine workout did not. If there was any doubt that
body weight workouts are not much of a workout, I suppose we know the
truth about that now!

How's your week been?

Are you making plans yet for the weekend?

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