Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Things Thursday { Waaayyy Too Much }

- one -

The time has come. I'm heading out to the grocery store today, and today it is time.
I always wait until as close to Halloween as possible to buy candy for trick-or-treaters.
Who needs the temptation of candy just sitting around the house?

Definitely not me!

But, here's the situation. Rain is in the forecast for Halloween. At the beginning of the 
week it was a 90% chance of rain, but now it's more like a 60% chance. I've got to try 
to predict the right amount of candy to buy. Will we have 5 trick-or-treaters, or 75? 

I want to buy just enough candy that it's all gone, but also don't want to be all out 
of candy in 30 minutes.

I know, I know, I'm making waaayyy to big an issue out of this!

Times like this remind me to be thankful that my problems are this small.

- two -

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies start Nov 1 at 7:00c! 

That's on Sunday! Yes, only three days away! Set your DVR now. I'm a little excited 
about it, if you couldn't tell.

You can view the entire lineup of movies HERE.

This is huge people! New Christmas movies every Saturday and Sunday night
until Christmas. (They will even be playing re-runs of some of my favorites
from the past.) So excited!

I know, I'm making waaayyy to big a deal about this too, right?

- three -

In an effort to get my snacking habits back into the healthy realm, I made a 
batch of Jamie Eason's Carrot Cake Protein Bars.

There is obviously a little bit of rebel down deep in my soul, because I  had to 
put my own little spin on them.

Her instructions say to bake the bars in a glass pyrex dish. I have made them
many times like that, and they are fine, but you have to cut them into the size
bar that you want them to be. The serving size is two squares, for 94 calories,
1.25 grams of fat, 10 carbs, and 10 grams of protein.

You can find her recipe HERE.

Right now I'm not strictly counting or measuring serving sizes, so I added 
a few raisins, and baked mine in a large muffin tin. The muffin tin makes
six large muffins, so I have been eating one muffin as my serving size.

It's so quick, easy, and convenient to grab a muffin and go. They are
perfect for work, in the car, or even when you're at home. I love the little
extra sweet treat of the raisins. If you are not strictly counting calories, or
carbs, I highly recommend adding them. Yum!

You can also find the recipe for Jamie's Protein Lemon Bars HERE.

Or her Pumpkin Protein Bars HERE.

She even has a recipe for Chocolate Protein Bars HERE.

Having a healthy "ready to go" snack option really helps keep me from grazing
on various foods in my refrigerator and pantry.

I've spent waaayyy too much time lately doing that!

(I couldn't help myself. I had to use "waaayy" again, ha!)

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. I have the same halloween candy issues each year. I want to have enough, but not too much because i do not want too much of that crap left over in my house. But I always fear that i will run out too early and not have enough so I buy too much. This year i bought 2 bags - totaling 260 pieces of candy. And it will all be given out and not go in my belly.

    1. Good plan! And wow...Halloween Candy is not cheap! Kids have no clue that the candy we are giving them costs so much. :/


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