Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three Things Thursday { My Three Why's }

Happy Friday Eve! It's time for Three Things Thursday.

When I woke up this morning, I told Hubby, "I don't want to do today. Can't
we just skip to Saturday?"

Obviously I'm not much of a morning person. Actually it's not the morning that bothers
me so much, it's 6:20 in the morning that bothers me. WHY oh why do mornings have 
to start so early?! Waking up before at least 7:30 in the morning just seems wrong.

I have an appointment this morning to get my hair trimmed. I do look forward to
getting it trimmed so it's not so hot on my neck and shoulders, but I don't look
forward to paying the price. For what I'm going to pay for a hair cut, I could get
these really cute Kendra Scott earrings.

available here

...or even this pair.

available here

Ugh. WHY do women's hair cuts have to cost so much???

The earrings would certainly last longer and be more noticeable.
As you can tell, my love for Kendra Scott jewelry is as strong as my love
for all things pumpkin spice. :)

In our house we learned a valuable lesson. I'm pretty sure we already knew this
lesson, but hopefully a certain Labrador Retriever learned the lesson. 

He is not happy when he isn't getting love and attention from us. If you're not 
careful, he will get frustrated and slip into another room and find something to do
to get into trouble. Last night he found a washcloth. Clean, dirty, wet, or dry, he
really has no preference. He proudly came into the family room with his "treasure."
His most favorite time to find "treasures" is when his Daddy isn't home to discipline
him. (He is SO much like a toddler!)

Miss S and I tried and tried to get the washcloth treasure away from him, but that
dog has jaws of steel. He was having the best time. His shenanigans wear us out and
he loves it. After trying to scold him, and after playing tug of war with him until we
had enough, we admitted defeat and tried to ignore him, hoping he would lose interest
and leave the washcloth.

Well in three or four minutes, we noticed there was NO MORE WASHCLOTH.
It was gone. We searched every room in the house, but no washcloth.

Did he really eat a washcloth? WHY would a dog want to eat a washcloth???

I began to worry.

I knew that having a washcloth in your digestive tract could not be a good thing.

I began to fear for my beautiful new ivory rug in the family room.

Well, at 5:30 this morning, the washcloth issue was resolved.

I am thankful because.... 1. Hubby was home to handle the situation. 2. The dog will 
not be sick for days and then have to have surgery to remove a washcloth.  3. He was
not on my new ivory rug. My rug is still as good as new!

Just when you thought my life was boring and predictable. Ha. 

Rarely a dull moment in a house with three people and three animals!

What are you up to today?

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