Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday's Are For Catching Up

I have to admit there is not much to share from the weekend

The weekend started strong...

I went to the gym Friday morning, and then Friday evening, Miss S went to
her high school football game while Hubby and I went out for sushi.

After the ballgame, Miss S and friends came back to our house for a little while
and there was lots of laughter and silliness all around. I cherish the moments
having her and her sweet friends around!

Friday was a great day!

Saturday morning Hubby played golf, and Miss S and I did absolutely nothing.
It was rainy and quite cool outside, so we stayed inside and were lazy lumps!

Hubby and I watched the Bama game and were actually pretty shocked at the
outcome. We were not expecting to the enjoy the game, but it was actually a lot
of fun to watch. If Bama played like that every time they played, it would be a
lot less stressful to watch, that's for sure.

Sunday was church, then lunch at Mother-in-Law's house, then a quick errand to buy a 
book Miss S needed for school. By the time we got back home we were all feeling 
pretty lazy again, and had another lazy day around the house.

Thankfully I don't work on Mondays so I can afford to have the occasional "do
nothing" weekend. I am so very blessed that on Mondays I can catch up on those 
chores that went undone on Saturday and Sunday.

I wanted to start today's post off with some cute pet pics, but the pets apparently
aren't particularly in the mood for photographs.

Oh well, I'll share my little fur loves anyway!

Nope, they are not feeling like posing today. ;)

On my "to do" list for today is laundry. I've got to wash some, dry some,
and hang up and/or fold some. I'm tackling sheets today since that didn't
get done on Saturday. I've also got some cleaning around the house to catch
up on today. I also need to plan meals for the week and start a grocery list.

I've also got to get in my workout.  

I'll probably walk a mile as a warm up, then do this Push Workout.

My workout plan for the week is...

Monday       -   Push Workout at home

Tuesday       -   Yoga

Wednesday  -   Full Body at gym

Thursday      -   Yoga

Friday           -   Pull Workout at home

Nope, no time to be lazy today. Got lots to do to be ready to face the rest of
the week!


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