Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Fri-Yay and time to link up with  ErikaNarci, and Andrea for...

Hang on because my favorites this week are pretty random and all over the place!

This week I'm loving...


Two words... chalk paint.

Chalk paint is amazing. I am able to use it to transform anything in my house.

Lately it's been "Operation Lighten and Brighten" at our house. Anything
and everything that is dark colored is fair game.

I bought this chalk paint...

I bought it at Michael's using a 40% off coupon, and only paid like $5.00 for the
bottle. I started with small projects like this candlestick that was a dark brass color.

One coat of chalk paint, and a quick distressing with sandpaper, and I love
it's new look.

Next I tackled the words "Live, Laugh, Love" in my kitchen. The words were
black before, but after one coat of chalk paint, they are looking much lighter
and brighter.

The "Love" plaque that sits on top of my refrigerator was black before I discovered
chalk paint.

Not any more!

And this pumpkin was once orange, but if you've noticed on instagram, Pinterest, or on
home decor blogs, this year people are doing a much more neutral fall decor.
Thanks to chalk paint, my orange pumpkin now has a new life as a white pumpkin,
and I love it!

After getting a few small projects under my belt, it was time to try a bigger one.

These picture frames had been on my mind for several weeks, and last weekend
I finally got up the courage to give them a "lighten and brighten" makeover.

Here they are before...

And after one coat of chalk paint...

All of these projects were done for $5.00, and I still have 1/2 of the bottle
left! That's a pretty big transformation for a teeny tiny price!

If you haven't joined the chalk paint fan club, grab yourself a Michael's
coupon and get to it!

- two -

This protein powder has been my favorite for years. It's from GNC, and
the chocolate flavor reminds me of a Wendy's Frosty.

Lately I've been hearing a lot about this protein powder.
available here

Jamie Eason is kind of awesome, so I'm a little tempted to try her protein

Her protein powder is on sale right now, buy two, get one free. It seems
like a great time to try it, except what if I don't love it and then I'm stuck with
THREE containers of protein powder? Eek! Definitely something to consider.

- three -

Kendra Scott earrings are always, always going to be one of my favorite
things. If anyone wants to send a gift card my way, I'd be grateful. Ha! Kidding! :)

First I thought these might be my new favorite...

available here

Then I saw these and thought they might be my new favorite...
available here

Ooohhh. But then I saw these...

Dani Earrings in Abalone Shell

And now I think they just might be my favorite. So many beautiful choices.
The only thing that I know for sure is that the Dani earrings are my favorite.

I have both the Elle and the Dani, and I love the size of the Dani best.

I wear my Elle's to church on Sunday, but will wear my Dani's four or five
days out of the week. The smaller size of the Dani is perfect for everyday wear.

I don't like wearing earrings that I can feel in my ears, and the Elle's are a little
bit heavier so after a couple of hours I'm ready to take them off.
(I know it's a weird quirk of mine, but what can ya do?)

- four -

This is my Friday Favorites Full Body Workout.

It's the perfect workout to do when you want to hit the gym, but you are
pressed for time. If you need to get in, get your workout done, and get out,
this workout is perfect for you!

Is anyone else loving chalk paint?

Anyone tried Jamie Eason's protein powder?

Any other Kendra Scott fans out there?


  1. Ok, I'm loving the chalk paint too and as you know I am wanting to make some changes in my house. I have a very dark brown paint on my kitchen cabinets. How do you think chalk paint would look on such a large surface? I would probably distress it to give them a little more character.

    With the pumpkin it looks like you were reading my mind. I am wanting to do a grouping of at least three - white, black, and white/black combo. I'm thinking some polka dots for fun with some hay & maybe some mums. Obviously this would be outside decor...

    If I ever get my hands on some money we need to shop!

    1. There is lots of information online about using chalk paint on kitchen cabinets, so I would read, read, read. I would say that you would clean the cabinets thoroughly, use at least 2 coats of chalk paint, and then be sure to use a wax seal to protect them and you should be fine. The paint takes a little while to dry, so it wouldn't be a super quick project, but with patience, I think you would love it! (Home Depot has larger cans of chalk paint, for a great price.) I LOVE your pumpkin idea too! Again, use a wax seal to protect them from the outdoor weather. Oh, and a shopping trip sounds like a fun idea! Let me know! :)

    2. Looks like I will be researching at work today! LOL I need to hurry up and get my pumpkins put together, although I do plan to use them through Thanksgiving. That's why they won't be a Halloween theme.

  2. I really want to go over to this home store they have in Irondale. They always have a lot of really cute stuff.

    1. Yesss. Home stores are definitely a weakness of mine!


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