Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites { Family Edition }

It is feeling like fall outside this morning and I'm loving it. It seems like we are going
to have cooler temperatures all weekend.

Welcome to a special "day before Halloween" edition of...

This week I am still loving and taking advantage of  Pumpkin Spice Everything.
I have added two more things to my list of pumpkin must haves.

 I loved these Pumpkin Spice almonds last year and was thrilled to find them in the grocery
store again last year. Just watch the portion size. While almonds are a healthy snack, it isn't
hard to go overboard. A small handful should be your goal.

 When I saw this in my grocery store yesterday, I may have done an actual happy dance. 

The price for 48oz of my precious PSL is close to the price of one tall PSL at Starbucks.
And now I can Pumpkin Spice all day every day in the comfort of my own home.

Hubby is joining in on the Friday Favorites fun today too.

His favorite things from the week are...

He highly recommends these and calls them his favorite chips ever. We are not normally
big chip eaters, but since his stepdad is a Golden Flake district manager, we do occasionally 
acquire a few bags. Hubby was not complaining, because he loves this new flavor.

Hubby also has a sweet tooth sometimes while watching t.v after dinner. Lately he loves
snacking on this peanut butter cereal.

And more family faves...

I didn't wan't to leave Miss S out. I wanted to let her pick a favorite to share this week too. 
Her pick is this Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple bread.

She is not a big fan of breakfast foods, so sometimes it's challenging to send her off to
school with a decent meal in her stomach. At least for this week, she has something that
she is enjoying eating.

And one more favorite for the week...

I am loving my new Brooks Launch 2 running shoes. They are comfortable and the fun,
bright colors make them fun to wear.

I also spotted this in the grocery store this week...

As much as I love pumpkin spice and all things fall, I am still happy to see the Holiday 
Blend from Starbucks. I didn't buy it yet, but you can bet I will be bringing it home 
soon. As soon as I watch three or four Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel,
(which begin on Sunday) I will find myself ready to transition from fall to Christmas.

I'm happy you stopped by today, and hope you have a fun-filled Halloween weekend. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I am going to get some of that PSL today! I've tried their regular iced coffee one before, which I love, so I am sure I will love this one too. :) Costco also exclusively sells the bottled PSL frappachinos. I bought a case earlier this month because they're so good and so much cheaper than getting a PSL at Starbucks. You can also add it to a blender with some ice and coffee extract to make your own frapp at home.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Jasmin, you have made my day! Now I've got to get to Costco!! And your "make at home frapp" idea is pure genius! :)


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