Monday, October 26, 2015

Dunkin, Kicks, & the Beauty of Nature { Weekend Recap }

Friday afternoon, Miss S and I tried Dunkin Donuts for the first time.

I got the Pumpkin Iced Coffee (of course) and Miss S got the Vanilla Chai.

We have been Starbucks fans for years, but were pleasantly surprised by Dunkin. 
My Pumpkin Iced Coffee was a dead ringer for the Iced PSL at Starbucks, and 
Miss S loved her Vanilla Chai. The craziest part is that BOTH of our drinks at
Dunkin cost what ONE drink at Starbucks cost. 

I would, and absolutely will, go back to Dunkin Donuts again!

Saturday morning Miss S was up bright and early to take the ACT Test.

While she was testing, I ran some errands. One stop was Sprouts.

Another stop was at Academy Sports for a new pair of running shoes.

After trying on five or six different pair, I chose these. Shockingly they are
not my usual color of choice, but maybe it was time to branch out and add
another color other than pink to my life. ;)

They are so comfortable!

Saturday night involved teenagers and pizza. Lots of pizza!

Miss S's friends came over Saturday night after the Bama game and hung out
at our house. They are an awesome, sweet, funny, polite group of kids and I love
having them in our home. Memories of the laughter and the noise will certainly
be missed in a couple of years when Miss S is off at college. I am cherishing every
single moment between now and then!


You know my weekend wouldn't be complete without a Hallmark Channel
movie. I had this one on the DVR just calling my name!

It was sappy, and corny, and the acting was a little lame in a couple of
parts, but I LOVED every second of it.

 What can I say? The hopeless romantic in me is a complete sucker for
 love stories with happy endings!

Later Sunday afternoon Miss S headed off to a study group, so Hubby and I
took the golf cart out in our neighborhood for a little time in nature.

With three days of rain headed our way, it seemed like a good idea to get out
and get some fresh air.

The fall colors are incredible right now. Unfortunately the gorgeous fall foliage
is a little difficult to capture through the lens of an iphone, but you get the idea.

Well, I suppose it's back to the hustle and bustle of another week.

Time for me to get moving. I've got a workout that won't get done unless
I hop to it!

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