Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites { Family Edition }

It is feeling like fall outside this morning and I'm loving it. It seems like we are going
to have cooler temperatures all weekend.

Welcome to a special "day before Halloween" edition of...

This week I am still loving and taking advantage of  Pumpkin Spice Everything.
I have added two more things to my list of pumpkin must haves.

 I loved these Pumpkin Spice almonds last year and was thrilled to find them in the grocery
store again last year. Just watch the portion size. While almonds are a healthy snack, it isn't
hard to go overboard. A small handful should be your goal.

 When I saw this in my grocery store yesterday, I may have done an actual happy dance. 

The price for 48oz of my precious PSL is close to the price of one tall PSL at Starbucks.
And now I can Pumpkin Spice all day every day in the comfort of my own home.

Hubby is joining in on the Friday Favorites fun today too.

His favorite things from the week are...

He highly recommends these and calls them his favorite chips ever. We are not normally
big chip eaters, but since his stepdad is a Golden Flake district manager, we do occasionally 
acquire a few bags. Hubby was not complaining, because he loves this new flavor.

Hubby also has a sweet tooth sometimes while watching t.v after dinner. Lately he loves
snacking on this peanut butter cereal.

And more family faves...

I didn't wan't to leave Miss S out. I wanted to let her pick a favorite to share this week too. 
Her pick is this Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple bread.

She is not a big fan of breakfast foods, so sometimes it's challenging to send her off to
school with a decent meal in her stomach. At least for this week, she has something that
she is enjoying eating.

And one more favorite for the week...

I am loving my new Brooks Launch 2 running shoes. They are comfortable and the fun,
bright colors make them fun to wear.

I also spotted this in the grocery store this week...

As much as I love pumpkin spice and all things fall, I am still happy to see the Holiday 
Blend from Starbucks. I didn't buy it yet, but you can bet I will be bringing it home 
soon. As soon as I watch three or four Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel,
(which begin on Sunday) I will find myself ready to transition from fall to Christmas.

I'm happy you stopped by today, and hope you have a fun-filled Halloween weekend. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Things Thursday { Waaayyy Too Much }

- one -

The time has come. I'm heading out to the grocery store today, and today it is time.
I always wait until as close to Halloween as possible to buy candy for trick-or-treaters.
Who needs the temptation of candy just sitting around the house?

Definitely not me!

But, here's the situation. Rain is in the forecast for Halloween. At the beginning of the 
week it was a 90% chance of rain, but now it's more like a 60% chance. I've got to try 
to predict the right amount of candy to buy. Will we have 5 trick-or-treaters, or 75? 

I want to buy just enough candy that it's all gone, but also don't want to be all out 
of candy in 30 minutes.

I know, I know, I'm making waaayyy to big an issue out of this!

Times like this remind me to be thankful that my problems are this small.

- two -

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies start Nov 1 at 7:00c! 

That's on Sunday! Yes, only three days away! Set your DVR now. I'm a little excited 
about it, if you couldn't tell.

You can view the entire lineup of movies HERE.

This is huge people! New Christmas movies every Saturday and Sunday night
until Christmas. (They will even be playing re-runs of some of my favorites
from the past.) So excited!

I know, I'm making waaayyy to big a deal about this too, right?

- three -

In an effort to get my snacking habits back into the healthy realm, I made a 
batch of Jamie Eason's Carrot Cake Protein Bars.

There is obviously a little bit of rebel down deep in my soul, because I  had to 
put my own little spin on them.

Her instructions say to bake the bars in a glass pyrex dish. I have made them
many times like that, and they are fine, but you have to cut them into the size
bar that you want them to be. The serving size is two squares, for 94 calories,
1.25 grams of fat, 10 carbs, and 10 grams of protein.

You can find her recipe HERE.

Right now I'm not strictly counting or measuring serving sizes, so I added 
a few raisins, and baked mine in a large muffin tin. The muffin tin makes
six large muffins, so I have been eating one muffin as my serving size.

It's so quick, easy, and convenient to grab a muffin and go. They are
perfect for work, in the car, or even when you're at home. I love the little
extra sweet treat of the raisins. If you are not strictly counting calories, or
carbs, I highly recommend adding them. Yum!

You can also find the recipe for Jamie's Protein Lemon Bars HERE.

Or her Pumpkin Protein Bars HERE.

She even has a recipe for Chocolate Protein Bars HERE.

Having a healthy "ready to go" snack option really helps keep me from grazing
on various foods in my refrigerator and pantry.

I've spent waaayyy too much time lately doing that!

(I couldn't help myself. I had to use "waaayy" again, ha!)

Happy Thursday to you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Workout Wednesday { Workouts For The Week }

For several years I followed a traditional "bodybuilding" type workout split.
I would train back and biceps on one day, chest and triceps on one day, legs on 
one day, and shoulders and abs on one day. If I got busy, or got off "schedule," I
would put shoulder/ab day in with either back or chest day.

However, the workout split that is working best for me right now is full body 
workouts, done three times a week.

I typically do strength training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For example. this would be Monday's workout...

This would be Wednesday's workout...

This would be Friday's workout...

 If Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts aren't best for you, it is perfectly fine
to complete Day 1's workout on Tuesday, Day 2 on Thursday, and Day 3 on Saturday.
(Just remember that you need to allow a day between strength workouts for your muscles to 
rest and recover.)

Also be sure to add a warm up before you strength train, a cool down after,
and time for stretching and flexibility. I usually warm up on the treadmill
and also with dynamic movements such as leg swings, arm circles, etc.

Here are more options for warm ups...

Life is crazy, busy, and unpredictable a majority of the time, so having workout 
options is always a good thing!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No More Blues

I've got to be honest with you. 

The cloudy, rainy, windy weather we are having this week has me feeling like this...

I feel dreary, droopy, and unmotivated. After a mopey, unproductive day yesterday,
I realized that I can NOT let this pattern continue.

I am stronger than my mood and can not let the weather determine my happiness
OR my productivity level.

I'm using these thoughts today to overcome my rainy day blahs...

The first step to having a productive, happy day is to log off this computer
and get moving.

The weather may have beaten me yesterday, but I will not let that happen
again today!

What about you?

Does the weather affect your mood?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Dunkin, Kicks, & the Beauty of Nature { Weekend Recap }

Friday afternoon, Miss S and I tried Dunkin Donuts for the first time.

I got the Pumpkin Iced Coffee (of course) and Miss S got the Vanilla Chai.

We have been Starbucks fans for years, but were pleasantly surprised by Dunkin. 
My Pumpkin Iced Coffee was a dead ringer for the Iced PSL at Starbucks, and 
Miss S loved her Vanilla Chai. The craziest part is that BOTH of our drinks at
Dunkin cost what ONE drink at Starbucks cost. 

I would, and absolutely will, go back to Dunkin Donuts again!

Saturday morning Miss S was up bright and early to take the ACT Test.

While she was testing, I ran some errands. One stop was Sprouts.

Another stop was at Academy Sports for a new pair of running shoes.

After trying on five or six different pair, I chose these. Shockingly they are
not my usual color of choice, but maybe it was time to branch out and add
another color other than pink to my life. ;)

They are so comfortable!

Saturday night involved teenagers and pizza. Lots of pizza!

Miss S's friends came over Saturday night after the Bama game and hung out
at our house. They are an awesome, sweet, funny, polite group of kids and I love
having them in our home. Memories of the laughter and the noise will certainly
be missed in a couple of years when Miss S is off at college. I am cherishing every
single moment between now and then!


You know my weekend wouldn't be complete without a Hallmark Channel
movie. I had this one on the DVR just calling my name!

It was sappy, and corny, and the acting was a little lame in a couple of
parts, but I LOVED every second of it.

 What can I say? The hopeless romantic in me is a complete sucker for
 love stories with happy endings!

Later Sunday afternoon Miss S headed off to a study group, so Hubby and I
took the golf cart out in our neighborhood for a little time in nature.

With three days of rain headed our way, it seemed like a good idea to get out
and get some fresh air.

The fall colors are incredible right now. Unfortunately the gorgeous fall foliage
is a little difficult to capture through the lens of an iphone, but you get the idea.

Well, I suppose it's back to the hustle and bustle of another week.

Time for me to get moving. I've got a workout that won't get done unless
I hop to it!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Fri-Yay and time to link up with  ErikaNarci, and Andrea for...

Hang on because my favorites this week are pretty random and all over the place!

This week I'm loving...


Two words... chalk paint.

Chalk paint is amazing. I am able to use it to transform anything in my house.

Lately it's been "Operation Lighten and Brighten" at our house. Anything
and everything that is dark colored is fair game.

I bought this chalk paint...

I bought it at Michael's using a 40% off coupon, and only paid like $5.00 for the
bottle. I started with small projects like this candlestick that was a dark brass color.

One coat of chalk paint, and a quick distressing with sandpaper, and I love
it's new look.

Next I tackled the words "Live, Laugh, Love" in my kitchen. The words were
black before, but after one coat of chalk paint, they are looking much lighter
and brighter.

The "Love" plaque that sits on top of my refrigerator was black before I discovered
chalk paint.

Not any more!

And this pumpkin was once orange, but if you've noticed on instagram, Pinterest, or on
home decor blogs, this year people are doing a much more neutral fall decor.
Thanks to chalk paint, my orange pumpkin now has a new life as a white pumpkin,
and I love it!

After getting a few small projects under my belt, it was time to try a bigger one.

These picture frames had been on my mind for several weeks, and last weekend
I finally got up the courage to give them a "lighten and brighten" makeover.

Here they are before...

And after one coat of chalk paint...

All of these projects were done for $5.00, and I still have 1/2 of the bottle
left! That's a pretty big transformation for a teeny tiny price!

If you haven't joined the chalk paint fan club, grab yourself a Michael's
coupon and get to it!

- two -

This protein powder has been my favorite for years. It's from GNC, and
the chocolate flavor reminds me of a Wendy's Frosty.

Lately I've been hearing a lot about this protein powder.
available here

Jamie Eason is kind of awesome, so I'm a little tempted to try her protein

Her protein powder is on sale right now, buy two, get one free. It seems
like a great time to try it, except what if I don't love it and then I'm stuck with
THREE containers of protein powder? Eek! Definitely something to consider.

- three -

Kendra Scott earrings are always, always going to be one of my favorite
things. If anyone wants to send a gift card my way, I'd be grateful. Ha! Kidding! :)

First I thought these might be my new favorite...

available here

Then I saw these and thought they might be my new favorite...
available here

Ooohhh. But then I saw these...

Dani Earrings in Abalone Shell

And now I think they just might be my favorite. So many beautiful choices.
The only thing that I know for sure is that the Dani earrings are my favorite.

I have both the Elle and the Dani, and I love the size of the Dani best.

I wear my Elle's to church on Sunday, but will wear my Dani's four or five
days out of the week. The smaller size of the Dani is perfect for everyday wear.

I don't like wearing earrings that I can feel in my ears, and the Elle's are a little
bit heavier so after a couple of hours I'm ready to take them off.
(I know it's a weird quirk of mine, but what can ya do?)

- four -

This is my Friday Favorites Full Body Workout.

It's the perfect workout to do when you want to hit the gym, but you are
pressed for time. If you need to get in, get your workout done, and get out,
this workout is perfect for you!

Is anyone else loving chalk paint?

Anyone tried Jamie Eason's protein powder?

Any other Kendra Scott fans out there?

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