Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who's Coming To Dinner

Today, I'm linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. The topic for the link up is, 
"What five people would you invite to a dinner party at your house?"

At first glance, this seemed like a topic that would be a lot of fun to write about. But you
know what? It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.

My first thoughts were of course Luke Bryan, and then Ree Drummond. I also thought 
about Martina McBride, Reba McIntyre, and Carrie Underwood. I would also love to 
invite Candace Cameron Bure. Gosh, then there is also Jamie Eason, and Reese
Witherspoon. As I thought about this list of people, I couldn't quite imagine poor
Luke being the only male guest at my dinner party. Plus, it would be totally pointless
because all I would actually be able to do would be to stare at him with a goofy grin on
my face and make monosyllabic noises. I would make a complete fool of myself!

So, rather than inviting certain individuals to my dinner party, I thought it might be more
fun to invite couples.

Dinner party invitations will be going to...

- Couple #1 -

Luke Byran and his beautiful wife, Caroline.

I would stand a much better chance at holding a conversation with Caroline. Plus, what
better way to truly get to know a man than by talking to his wife? 

- Couple #2 -

Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd.


I shudder to think about preparing a meal that The Pioneer Woman would eat in my
home, but I sure would love to get to know her! I love her blog, her books, her
cooking show, and her cookbooks. She seems so sweet and down to earth.

( If you haven't read this book, please go get it and start today! )

- Couple #3 -

Chip and Joanna Gaines. 

If you've ever watched their show on HGTV, then you know why they are invited. 
They are just the cutest. And I know that there would not be one dull moment 
with Chip around. And who knows, maybe Joanna and I would become besties and
she would teach me everything she knows about home design. ;)

While this post was fun to dream about and write, could you even imagine the kind of
pressure you would experience trying to cook and clean for such amazing people?

If I could handle the pressure, I'm pretty sure the company would be worth the effort.

So tell me, who would you invite to your dinner party?


  1. I love how you went along with the couple theme!

    1. Wouldn't it be so much fun?! Thanks for visiting today! :)

  2. I have the same hopes and dreams about meeting Joanna Gaines and becoming besties!


    1. She's so sweet and talented! Thanks for visiting today! :)

  3. Hello from the linkup!! The couples you chose seriously couldn't be anymore perfect! I also chose Chip & Joanna, & Ree =) And yes...can you imagine the pressure you would be under if this were for real?!?! hehe =)

    1. It would be SO stressful, but SO much fun!! Thanks for visiting today! :)

  4. Great list! I want to come to this dinner!

    - Seri

    1. Aww thank you! It would be a fun night wouldn't it! :)

  5. I love that you picked out couples! So fun!


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