Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's Up Wednesday { My Three Quirks }

- one -

This momma has fought the good fight, but I finally surrendered my home remedies 
and went to the doctor yesterday. After two shots and a prescription for 10 days 
worth of antibiotics, I came home and waited for the miracle healing to begin. I rested 
in bed, I rested on the couch. I took my meds and continued to drink lots of liquids. 
I'm still waiting on my miracle healing! Yes, I realize that it's only been less than 24 
hours, but patience has never been my strongest quality!

I feel like a limp dishrag. No energy, None. So today I will continue to rest. (and wait
on the miracle healing.) 

- two -

I quickly went in Walmart to pick up a few things while I was waiting for my prescription 
to be filled. As I rounded a corner, you will never in 100 years guess what I saw!

There was a lizard on the floor in Walmart!

Somehow, I stayed calm and went in the opposite direction. The real miracle here 
is that I did not scream and jump three feet in the air and cause a complete and total
scene! Trust me, THAT in itself was my miracle for the day!

- three -

This was posted last night on the Hallmark Channel's instagram.

The Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies will be back on October 31!

Y'all. This news makes me so happy. I would sure hate to have to choose between
Bath & Body Works's candles and Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies. That would
be a tough one because both of those things bring me an unnatural amount of joy.

I still have Christmas movies on our DVR from last Christmas.....drives Hubby 
crazy! But who knows. One can never tell when the mood to watch one might strike, ha.

So, you have learned three quirks of mine today. What an informative post this 
has been. I probably shouldn't admit that we've barely scratched the surface on
quirks.  ;)


Not so much. Occasionally it will come and go.


 I find them completely disgusting!

Hallmark Channel and Christmas movies?

Love! Almost an obsession.

It's your turn.... Tell me something quirky about you. Don't be shy!

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