Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sleepy Tuesday

Well,  it's time to get back to the regular weekly routine. At least the work and 
school week is starting on a Tuesday this week. Too bad there aren't more three
day weekends during the year.

Yesterday, (Labor Day) we went to my parents house for lunch. I wasn't sure we
would be able to go since Miss S had been sick all weekend, but she perked up and
we got to spend some time with my sweet parents. Not only did we celebrate Labor Day
by having lunch with them, we also celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Here they are opening one of their presents...

We had a wonderful lunch and a great visit with them. As usual the visit went
by way too fast and we had to leave to get back home. I hope that people living in 
the same town as their parents realize how lucky they are!

Today marks the beginning of my 'Push/Pull' workout plan.  

Even though the cloudy weather, my sleepy eyes and tired body are saying, 
"go back to bed," I know I need to workout. Plus, I've got studying, laundry,
and cleaning to do!

I guess it's best just to shake off the sleepiness and get moving.

Have a great Tuesday!

Who else is feeling sleepy today?

Did you have a happy Labor Day?

Do you live close to your parents?

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