Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap + The Week Ahead

Oh my goodness. Another weekend has come and gone.

This past weekend, Miss S got a new look. She cut between 4 and 5 inches
off her hair. She had wanted to make the change for several weeks and finally
decided that it was time.

Here is a reminder picture of her super long hair. This was taken after Hubby's
birthday lunch on August 31.

Here is a picture taken with her stylist right after her new cut on Friday, Sept. 11.

She loves it! Her stylist almost did a happy dance when she told him she wanted to
cut it. All he could think was "bye bye split ends!"

Her hair is still plenty long, but looks super bouncy and healthy now. She also loves
how much easier it is to take care of. Win! Win!

The rest of the weekend I was a bad blogger and didn't take many pictures.

Miss S and I went shopping on Saturday in search of a few new fall pieces to add to
her wardrobe, and also for something to wear to the homecoming dance coming up 
on the 25th.

We took a break from shopping to have lunch at Zoe's Kitchen.

I had the Grilled Chicken Greek Salad. Yum! I always enjoy a salad more when 
someone else makes it for me!

The rest of Saturday, and Sunday were pretty quiet. My voice still isn't much 
more than a whisper, and I'm still not feeling like my usual self. I do hope to do 
a little exercise today. Nothing strenuous, just something to get moving. I've got 
a new 50/50 Circuit Program starting at the gym on Tuesday, so I need to feel 
100% well for that! No one wants a quiet, blah feeling personal trainer.

Also this week...

I'm itching to put out some fall decor!. I may start on that little project on Wednesday.

Wishing you a...


Hopefully I will be feeling much better when I pop on here tomorrow. I'm
running out of time to not be on my "A" game.

How was your weekend?

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