Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Things Thursday

It's time for Three Things Thursday!

But we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a little reality t.v talk...

Well, my favorite player was evicted (again) last night from the Big Brother house.

I was sad to see him go.  He was such a funny character, with an upbeat, happy
go lucky attitude. It was hard not to root for him.

The shock of the season happened on Tuesday night when Vanessa evicted Austin. 

I can still hardly believe that happened! I was totally blindsided by that
turn of events. Finally some big moves taking place in Big Brother 17!

Also announced last night, not only is this former Big Brother couple still together,
they are expecting a baby in the spring.

(Rachel won Big Brother 13)

They were certainly an interesting (and memorable) couple from the show, but as
a sucker for happy endings, I wish them well and hope they live the life of their dreams.

Now that you're all caught up with your reality t.v gossip, let's get back to our
regularly scheduled post.

Breakfast today,

pumpkin spice english muffin topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese.

An inspirational thought for today...

What's for dinner tonight?



What's happening with you today?

 Do you watch Big Brother?

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