Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Quietish Weekend

Hello and welcome to a brand new week!

Normally on Monday, I recap our weekend, and share a few pics along the way, 
but this weekend was a bit on the quiet side for me. It shouldn't take too long 
to skim through the details.

Friday evening my sweet, wonderful parents delivered dinner to my house. They know 
I've been battling "the crud" for a couple of weeks now, and wanted to do something to 
help me out. It sure was nice this weekend to have meals already prepared and in 
the fridge ready to "heat and eat." No more hearing the dreaded question...."What are
we going to eat?"

On Saturday afternoon, I actually made it out of the house for a little while.

This little cutie had her check up appointment at the vet on Saturday afternoon, so I
rode with Miss S for the check up. I'm happy to report that she is healthy and happy,
and won't be due another check up for six months.

Saturday evening, Miss S was at a friend's birthday party, and Hubby and I were
going to spend a quiet evening at home. Well, that went south about 8:16 p.m. About
two seconds into the Alabama game, I knew the quiet evening had come and gone!
I told Hubby that no ballgame was worth a heart attack, and excused myself to a quieter
part of the house! I am loving my new "who really cares" attitude about this football
season. It makes Saturday's much less stressful! (and apparently I have picked a good
season to adopt this new attitude, ha!)

Sunday morning, we were planning to go to church. I was up and getting ready when
all of a sudden I turned white as a sheet and a feeling of exhaustion flooded over me.
I knew right then that church wasn't going to happen for me. I layed down on the couch
and slept for almost two hours! When I woke up, I was feeling better, thank goodness.

I spent the rest of the day doing very little. I started taking Zyrtec-D hoping it will
help relieve some of my sinus pressure. 

Today is the 6th day that I've been on antibiotics, so I'm going to give it and the
Zyrtec-D combination a little more time before I head back to the doctor, but I sure
am ready to be well! Enough is enough. I've got a life to live, and family to care for!

I also plan to use home remedies like these for the sinus pressure...

Are you jealous of how I'll be spending my Monday? ;)

How are you starting off your week?

I hope when I pop in tomorrow, I'll be able to say, "I'm cured!"

Fingers crossed...

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