Monday, September 28, 2015

One More To Go

Friday night was Homecoming at Miss S's school. We had been planning for this night
for weeks.  We found the perfect suede romper, the perfect necklace, and the perfect

She made sure her hair, her make up and her nails were perfect.

I was holding up just fine until pictures were being taken and then reality hit.

After this homecoming, we only have ONE more high school homecoming.

 I can't and don't want to believe that my baby will be a senior in high school next year!

Just look at these beautiful girls.

How did they grow up so fast?

I'm happy and excited for them as they grow more and more independent and begin
planning their futures, but at the same time I wish time would slow down just a little
bit. I want to hold on to and cherish these memories forever.

After the girls politely posed for mom's to take a few pictures, they headed out
for dinner together. After the ballgame (which we won 40 - 20) they headed to
the Homecoming dance. 

Junior year homecoming has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

I am not even close to ready to think about the fact that Junior/Senior Prom is
coming at the end of this school year. Please time slow down just a little!

This momma isn't ready for her baby to grow up just yet!

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