Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Momma Needs Pancakes

This week has been crazy. If I didn't know better, I would think I was on an 
episode of Candid Camera, or on MTV's Punk'd.


a sick child. Murphy's Law is working overtime this week.

I called to get an appointment with her doctor on Monday, and the doctor was out.
I scheduled for Tuesday, but when we got there Tuesday, instead of seeing the
doctor, we saw this...

Umm, excuse me? Let's just say that this momma was not 
happy at this point.

Finally when the office opened this morning, after being on hold for almost 10
minutes, I got through and was able to find out what was going on.  Apparently
the office called an old phone number for us to leave a message of early closing
yesterday and to reschedule her appointment, but of course we never got it!

Crazy, right?

So we have a new appointment scheduled for today so hopefully I can get my
baby on the path to feeling better. Nothing breaks your heart more than when your
child is sick or unhappy.

While all of this is going on, add noise from continued road construction, and
barking dogs. Who knew paving parts of a road was such a drawn out process?
Personally I could have lived the rest of my life without knowing!  

The construction got started bright and early at 6:40 this morning. Yes, the morning
I could have actually slept in until 7:45, the road crew decides that they need to
get to work. Nice.

So what's a momma to do when nothing, not one thing, has gone as planned 
this week?

Make pancakes of course.

Pancakes are one of my favorite comfort foods. They bring back memories
of making pancakes with my Dad on Saturday mornings. When I was still too
small to reach the counter to help, he would sit me up there and let me stir in
the ingredients. Mom would heat the plates and the syrup while Dad and I 
would make pancakes. Ahhh. Sweet memories!

I wanted to enjoy those memories again this morning, but also wanted to keep
things fairly healthy.

Enter Kristian's concoctions.

Yes, as a matter of fact, this is an official term.

When I gather random ingredients together and start mixing with no recipe,
no measuring, no particular method, my family asks what I'm "concocting."

When they find baked goods in the house, their first question is usually, "Is this
one of your concoctions?"

This morning, I created a new concoction!

3 ingredient pumpkin spice protein pancakes

Keeping with the true definition of "concoction" there was no measuring in
this creation.

I poured quick cooking oats into a bowl, then added egg whites to moisten
the oats. Next I added a Chobani Pumpkin Spice greek yogurt.

Stir all ingredients together.

Oops, how did those chocolate chips get in there?
(they are totally optional)

Simply cook as you normally would, and enjoy.

Just think of the flavor options. You don't have to use Pumpkin Spice
yogurt. You could use any flavor you desire. Oh the possibilities.

Kristian's concoctions were a success this morning!

I'm thinking this week is turning around and will finish strong.
It's the power of pancakes my friends.

Are you a pancake lover?

What's your favorite comfort food?

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