Sunday, September 6, 2015

Meals and Moves { Week 3 }

I'm having trouble settling into a good schedule for studying.

I'm really, really excited to get buried in reading and learning the materials
to become a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, but time management has
never been a strong suit of mine. Not only do I need to tackle and complete
the FNS program, I need to start on continuing education credits for my
Personal Trainer Certification. (I have to complete 20 CEU hours every
two years to keep my certification.)

In an attempt to get myself and my schedule organized, I'm continuing my
weekly meal planning, and decreasing my strength training days to two days
per week instead of three. I need to get my workouts completely done from start
to finish in an hour or less, so I will have plenty of study time, plus time for normal
every day "to do's" like work, blogging, errands, laundry, cleaning, etc. before the
family gets home in the afternoons. Once they are home, I like to be 100% present
with them.

Like everything in life, this schedule will be trial and error. I'll give it a couple
of weeks to see how it's going to work for me. I've trying to figure out if I would
prefer shorter workouts more frequently, or if I will like the push/pull training plan.
Like I said, this will be trial and error for a few weeks until I settle into a groove.

Here is my plan for the week of September 6 - 12th . . .

  • spaghetti

Sunday   ----    Yoga  +  Core

Monday   ----  Cardio  +  Stretching

Tuesday   ----   Push Workout  +  Stretching

Wednesday   -----     Yoga  +  Core

Thursday  ----   Pull Workout  +  Stretching

Friday  ----   Cardio  +  Stretching

I'm a bit skeptical of the push/pull plan, I guess mainly because I've never 
tried a plan that's two days of strength training per week. I'm going to try to
keep an open mind and see if I like it.

Fingers crossed I will get a lot accomplished this week!

Have you ever done a push/pull training plan?

Do you have trouble with time management?

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