Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates never know what you're gonna get.


I had just said in yesterday's post that I was going to read more information
about drinking an apple cider vinegar mix. I wasn't in a rush to jump on the
daily ACV bandwagon at all. Until...

I woke up Wednesday morning with absolutely no voice. None. I mean
barely a whisper. It was terrible. The pets looked so hurt that I wouldn't 
talk to them. They kept looking at me, but didn't know whether to wag 
their tails, or if they were in trouble. It was horrible, and depressing, and
I hope I never have this again! Ever!

I tried every home remedy I could think of to help me out of this situation.
I drank my warm lemon water. I gargled with warm salt water. I set up the
humidifier in the house. I drank green tea with lemon and honey. I took
Vitamin C. I used my neti pot.

You know at this point I was getting desperate.

I even drank a warm ACV concoction (several times.)

Still no voice. Y'all, it was awful! A totally quiet day may sound like a good
thing, but let me tell you, silence can be deafening.

For weeks I have had the date, September 9th, marked on the calendar
because it's the date that the fall line is available in Bath & Body Works 
stores. It is one of my favorite days each year. Walking around the store among
all the new fall scents is total bliss for me. I had my day planned...

Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Bath & Body Works. My coupons were ready to
be used!

I suppose I could have still gone, but not being able to communicate at all
kind of threw me off. I just didn't feel up to going in stores and not being
able to speak. How akward would that have been?!

So I stayed home and rested, and gargled, and sipped warm lemon water, and
warm ACV concoctions, all while the humidifier was making my hair frizz. 
(worse than its usual...)

But, I did have time to find more info on the why's of drinking ACV daily.
There are benefits of both drinking it, and of using it topically.

There is plenty of info out there that makes me want to add ACV to my daily
regimen.  I'm thinking the sweet benefits outweigh the not so sweet taste.

Today, after sleeping with Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest and running the humidifier
all night, I can speak a few words in a very soft whisper.

But, today life must go on. Miss S needs something to wear for "America Day"
at school tomorrow. Of course we can not repeat the same outfit we wore last
year on September 11th. In her words, "That would be tragic!"

I'm not complaining though. I'm just  happy to see that somewhere in America,
people still love our country enough to remember the events of  9 - 11.

In other, completely unrelated news... I found Frasier on Netflix last night!

Totally helped to turn around my pitiful day of silence. I had forgotten how funny
Frasier and Niles are. I watched two episodes of Season One before bed, and hope to
fit in a couple more episodes today.

Have you ever had laryngitis?

Do you remember watching Frasier?

Do you plan to honor and remember our country tomorrow on 9 - 11?

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