Friday, September 25, 2015

First Friday of Fall . . . Friday Favorites

It's that time again. Time to link up with  ErikaNarci, and Andrea for . . .

This week we discovered a new t.v show that the whole family watched together
and enjoyed. Many times, Hubby will watch his show (Criminal Minds,) I will
watch my show (Arrow,) and Miss S will watch her show (Scandal.)

But this week, we watched the first episode of this show together and loved it.

- Favorite new T.V show this Fall -


Blindspot came on Monday night at 9:00. We recorded it and watched it last night
and are already on the edge of our seats waiting for Monday night so we can watch

Jaime Alexander plays the lead female role of Jane Doe and is not only absolutely stunning, 
she is some kind of wonder woman as well.


I haven't loved a female character this much since Gabrielle Anwar in Burn Notice!

- Favorite Lip Color Lately -



The one in the middle is my new favorite. It is called Sultry and is pretty close to
the color by Mac called Craving.


It takes me 30+ minutes to drive to the nearest Mac makeup counter, so I was
thrilled to find a similar color that can be bought at any local drugstore. Much more
convenient. Look at me, saving both time AND money!

- Favorite Fragrance for Fall -

I am loving these fall room fragrance sprays. 

My allergies and sinuses have not been too happy transitioning into fall, so I
haven't been burning my candles like I normally do. This spray is the perfect
alternative. If someone arrives are your front door, or if you just want a quick
burst of fragrance, a couple of sprays is all it takes to freshen things right up.

Trust me, with two dogs in the house, "freshening things up" is a very important
daily ritual!

Speaking of dogs . . .

- Favorite Pet Pic of the Week -

This big boy is 96 pounds of pure love. Yes, he is actually sitting in Miss S's lap and 
is proud of it. He is very jealous that the dachshund is a lap dog and he isn't, so if he 
can catch someone sitting in the floor he will do this every single time!

Well, that wraps up another edition of Friday Favorites.

What new shows are you loving so far this fall?

Does the change in seasons wreak havoc on your allergies/sinuses?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am going to have to check that show out. So many people were/are raving about it!

    1. Yes, you need to! I love a show with a strong female lead. I hope it continues to be just as awesome!


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