Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Before I get started with my favorite things from the week, I must tell you quickly
about one of my least favorite things. In yesterday's post I mentioned that I was 
cooking chicken in the crock pot for dinner. 

Crock Pot Beer Chicken

Hubby has grilled "beer can chicken" on the grill many times and it is always
delicious. I was hoping this would be similar and something I could easily do without 
bothering him to fire up the grill. I used this recipe, but was very disappointed in how 
it turned out. While it was cooking, it made the house smell horrible. I kept thinking the 
beer smell would go away, but it never did! :(

The chicken turned out very tender and could be cut with a fork, but there was no
denying the beer taste. Sadly, this recipe was not a keeper for me. 

Just a reminder that you can't trust everything you find on Pinterest!

Let's move on to Friday Favorites!

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- one - 

Our favorite hummus...

Miss S enjoys hers with pita chips, and I usually have mine with veggie slices.

- two -

 Portable quacamole. Perfect lunch box sized portion.

And no waiting for avocados to ripen!

- three -

Miss S and I found this adorable owl at Hobby Lobby last Saturday. We hung
it above her closet doors in her room and every time we go in her room now, 
this little cutie makes us smile.

- four -

I was cooking dinner on Wednesday night and looked over to find my little
buddy watching me very carefully. He's my constant sidekick and is never more
than a few steps away.

- five -

A friend shared this on facebook this week and it made me laugh. This
is a pretty accurate description for our weather right now.

- six -

Miss S is quite the little fashionista! She has the gift of looking fabulous in
everything she wears. (She gets the gift from my mom. Apparently the gene skips
a generation, ha!)

This is one of my favorite things she wore this week. What a cutie!

Well, this guy is telling me it's time to wrap up this post and give him
some attention. He won't stand for being ignored another second.

Wishing you a happy Friday!

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