Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

Well y'all, this pretty much sums up my week this week...

Like I said in this post, laryngitis and generally just feeling yucky has overtaken 
me this week.

I did run one quick errand yesterday, but realized it was going to be one and done.
I just didn't feel up to any more time out and about. So, since Tuesday, I've pretty much 
been at home drinking lots of liquids, and trying to rest. I have also spent a little time
reblogging pics on my tumblr.  

 But, this is a Friday Favorites post, so I did find a few things I want to share today!

- one -


I discovered that Frasier is on Netflix. Not sure how long it has been on there, but
I am pretty excited about it. I watched two episodes of season one Wednesday, and 
I'm feeling a Frasier marathon coming on today. Might as well spend my sick time
with Dr. Crane!

- two -

Are you even surprised that something pumpkin spice is popping up on my
list of favorites? This cream cheese is the perfect topping for my favorite 
graham crackers.

This duo makes the perfect little mid-afternoon treat. It's almost making up
for the fact that I've only had one Starbucks PSL so far. It's kind of hard to
order a drink when you can't even speak!

- three -


I've been using the CC Cream from Mary Kay for about a week now. I'm loving it 
so far. It brags of "8 - in - 1 Benefits" such as "defends, hydrates, protects, conceals,
minimizes redness, reduces visible signs of aging, corrects with lightweight coverage,
and brightens" so I'm hoping to see improvement in all those areas soon!

I'm hoping to make it to Bath & Body Works over the weekend to pick up a few
of my favorite candles, and to explore the new fall scents.

My favorite fall candles are...




The fact that the Pumpkin Apple is SOLD OUT online does not make me
a happy camper at all. My only hope is to find them available in a store. Sigh.

There are several new scents this fall, so surely I can find something that I love 
if the Pumpkin Apple is truly not available.

 Alright friends, that's it for this week!

I'm linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea

and also with Heather (for the very 1st time!)

Have a great weekend, and stay well!


  1. You are just a pumpkin fiend!!! LOL Hope you get to feeling better soon. My favorite candles are anything cinnamon/apple scented. I burn them year round! :D I haven't tried the Mary Kay CC cream, but I am dying to try Younique 3D lash mascara! I've heard great reviews on it - just need to get the $29 together to buy it....

  2. I just smelled the Pumpkin Apple scent for the first time last week and I love it! It's not overpowering, so I bought a tumbler for my mom's birthday gift.

    I am most definitely adding cinnamon graham crackers and pumpkin spice cream cheese to my grocery list!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think your mom will love her new candle. What a great gift! I think you will love the new snack idea. Thanks for reading today! :)


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